The Wilde Olive Blog: Catch The Moment 2015 Week 19!


Catch The Moment 2015 Week 19!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

126|365 Jonah says these are his headphones and tried them on Ezra. Daddy uses them to mow the grass. Sometimes you just have to take a picture, then save the baby! 

127|365 Jonah takes at least 3 blankets and two pillows to bed with him every night. Check out my #freeToBe Snuggly post. 

128|365 I got my Mother's Day goodies a day early from the boys. What a beautiful site to come home too after a morning of shooting and shopping! 

129|365 Mother's Day with my sweet precious boys! Mother's Day Blog post here. 

130|365 My night stand. I have been using Essential Oils in our home now, specifically for myself and love them. Sweet sleep when the diffuser is glowing and the monitor is quiet. 

131|365 sleeping practically naked in my bed after a middle of the night melt down. It's not all sunshine and roses tulips and sprinklers this parenting thing. 

I am also linking up with Photo Friday at Pierce Wonderings and Point + Shoot


  1. That sprinkler shot is perfect! Happy weekend to you!

  2. What a fabulous mountain of memories you are creating for your family. Serene, lovely and expressive.

    By the way, when I was little I used to sleep with so many stuffed toys it was hard to find me in everything. I still like to sleep surrounded by stuff and tucked in, tight. :-)

  3. I love this post, so cute and real.
    xx, Michelle

  4. What an awesome collection of photos from your week! I too am in love with that sprinkler shot. So beautiful and so perfect! Thank you so much for joining us this week for Photo Friday! As soon as school is out, I'm hoping to get into a place where I can take a photo each day and join your link-up ;)

  5. What great photos! And, no, it's not all tulips & sprinklers, but it is a pretty amazing adventure. :)

  6. These are all great shots! Those middle of the night tantrums can be so trying. I'm hoping 4 is our year and we'll start to grow out of them here, but we shall see!

  7. Such precious memories and beautiful pictures!xx

  8. Such precious memories and beautiful pictures!xx

  9. Simply gorgeous set of pictures. The headphone one did make me smile and the sprinkler shot is beautiful. Love your Mother's Day tulips too. x #PointShoot

  10. Lovely photos! My fave is the sprinkler one as it looks so much fun! Linked up too. So nice to have stumbled upon your blog =) #pointshoot

  11. The photo of the sprinkler is amazing! I really want to buy one! #PointShoot

  12. Beautiful moments. Love them all!


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