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Ezra aka Squiggles

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's offically, Ezra has had the nickname "Squiggles" since just after he was born. I honestly thought I started it, but his daddy has been the most consistent and has converted Jonah. He certainly is squiggly and so much more! Just thought I'd share these photos I took of him while we were at my cousin's wedding a couple of weeks ago. It was so beautiful, I have more pictures from the day - you may have seen this photo on my photography instagram or facebook - but I thought squiggles deserved is own post!

He's also known as E-Z E, Ezraman, brother, the list probably goes on and on. 

Do your kids have nicknames? How did they get them?


  1. I love these photos. He is so adorable.

    Our kids have a few nicknames. Jackson we call Buddy, Bubby, Boogie and Punkin and Avery we call Baby Girl, Pretty, Pretty Girl, Chunky Monkey and my dad calls her Puddin Butt, Ha!

    1. Puddin Butt! HA! I also use Punkin for Ezra and chunky monkey... bc he IS a chunky monkey!


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