Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What can I say about this little monkey? He's the best. Just look at that toothless smile! I get to be the recipient of that grin every day. It's the best. I mean just scroll down and you will want to move into my house just to soak up some of his squishy goodness. 


You may not believe me when you see how squishy he is, but this boy just loves his milk. We are working on it, but he is a gagger. So, we have not been very successful at starting solids yet. We'll keep trying, but he's just not ready. He loves to play with food, take my plate, and put things in his mouth. I mean he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth but once it hits the back of his tongue, he gags! We are working on texture and hand to mouth foods. He'll do little melt away cookies. I am still debating on what to try next, but he's happy with milk and growing very well. Hopefully, this doesn't lead to the life of a picky eater! 


He has slept fairly well recently, other than fighting a cold and general seasonal stuff that wakes him up at night. We've moved the boys into the same room, so we are still getting used to that, but I love being able to look in on them together and I hope they grow to love sharing their space. I know it won't always go smoothly, but really what does with little kids?


I think he's probably about 19 1/2 pounds, but I have not weighed him recently since the scale is still somewhere in the vast array of boxes in our garage. I had one of those days recently when I picked him up after a nap and could swear he gained three pounds. 


Since it's totally not obvious in the photos above this boy is on the move! His biggest accomplishments this past month were learning to sit up by himself and crawling. You big deal. I CANNOT believe he is already this mobile. I thought second kids were more relaxed about meeting their milestones. I am finding out this is quite the opposite of the truth. He just goes and if you aren't holding on.. well let's just say you better be holding on to him. When we moved into our new house, I decided to put his changing pad back on the dresser - this is a mistake. I'm waiting for the day that he just shoves me out of the way and he hits the floor. Yes, he is peaceful and happy, but that doesn't mean he's not three handfuls! It's so fun to watch him discover new toys and try to do whatever his big brother is doing. I have a feeling a lot of those "you're the oldest you have to set the example" conversations are going to start happening with Jonah. 


I know everyone thinks their baby is awesome. blah blah blah You've heard it all before, but it is true babies are awesome and I hope it's true for all moms at some point. I love my boys something fierce. I am daily frustrated, tired, and feel like I have nothing left to give, but we keep going and keep on loving each other. This boy has the perfect personality for what we need right now. Thank you God for giving me a peaceful, happy baby. If you could make him sleep juust a little longer and help me worry about him less I'd appreciate that too. Also, while I'm sending up the prayers Lord please keep this baby safe. You gave him an adventurous spirit and a determination that will rival my own for years to come, but just keep him away from fireplaces, electrical outlets, poisonous plants, and lessen his desire to put my shoes in his mouth.

Happy Seven Months Ezra Oliver. You are loved beyond love!

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