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JONAH WILDER | T-Ball 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Documenting the big milestones, the firsts, and even the every day normal for our family is important to me. Not only capturing the photos, but journaling the story and for me, here is where that happens. I haven't been doing a great job of journalling us lately and honestly my words are few and far between these days. This phase our family is in right now, is busy, eventful, challenging, especially happy and full of celebration. It is not without heartache, exhaustion, disappointment or stress but it is a season and only one of many seasons we'll get to experience as our family grows older and more mature. 

This is our first experience in playing sports and being a part of a team. It is been busy, time consuming, and the best thing we've done all year. Jonah has grown and learned and shines out there on that field. His timid little self, shows up and then he fades away as he runs his tiny little heart until he finally reaches home plate. He is ecstatic when he catches a ball. It's hard to imagine a time when he smiled bigger than when he's so proud of himself. I am proud for him and proud of him. I love this season of cuteness, scoreless games, and just learning the rules. Who knows if he'll continue with baseball, but if he does, you'll be sure to see me still there sitting in the stands, cheering him on like the sports mom I never thought I'd be. 

T-Ball has been such a learning experience for us on and off the field. I personally have learned to take a backseat. Since Wesley is acting as an assistant coach, he and Jonah get to bond over being on the field together. It's something they are doing together and it feels a bit like I'm out of the loop sometimes. At the same time though, if feels a bit like Wesley and I have had to work towards the common goal of our team, our family. 

I think this is something that comes with having multiple children as well, you develop this tag-team mentality. We're together, at the same places, but our responsibilities have to be split up. I think this is why people saying having more than two kids is a huge adjustment and just really hard in general. You have to communicate, delegate, and have a game plan. Team building 101. 

It's funny too, how you realize how many people are actually on your team. Everyone shows up to Jonah's games. His fan club is so big and I am thankful for our family who loves him well. 

and of course I have to sneak in this little guy who is the in the stands entertainment and his brothers big supporter! He'd be our there too if he could just get this walking thing down (which he will by the time he's nine months old I'm sure of it). 


  1. How cute!! These photos are great. Jackson is on a team but with all the rain we've had lately, he hasn't gotten to play yet. I'm hoping they'll get to play tomorrow for the first time.

  2. Very cool photos - I think I'll have to head to a Little League game with the camera - looks like a wonderful photo shoot!
    Hope you'll come link up at


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