Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Join me. Won't you? On this little trip down memory lane. The Lyve App  can now be downloaded for free on iOS, Android, and on your desktop. You may remember my post about the Lyve Home storage device. If you didn't win that giveaway, here's your second chance! #memorylane

Take a trip down #MemoryLane with the FREE @Lyve #app! Desktop | iPhone | Android

I love the big chunky brown books filled with my childhood you can find in my parent's living room. Page after page of toothless grins, changing hair styles, and growing children. Those photos are precious to me and trigger memories of a happy childhood filled with love.

They remind me of how quickly time passes and how precious our moments are, especially with our little ones. The saying "the days are long, but the years are short" has never been more true for me.

My children are still babies at 3 1/2 and 7 Months but I realized today, when I looked at my Lyve App, that I started Potty Training Jonah a year ago this month. At the time, I thought it would never end and now it's been a year. Things do get better with time, but we are often left longing for the past.
My last picture of "diaper wearing Jonah"
While we are on this little memory lane trip, I also started to see that last year at this time I was starting to really get a baby bump... . 
Mother's Day 2014

but the really cool thing is that since Lyve is connect to your computer + your other devices, you can see photos for as far back as your digital photo taking days take you. Like to High School Reunions with friends (notice - no wine in my hand - I was pregnant with J - barely showing).
High School Reunion May 2011

and to awesome hair that I had time to straighten. 
Starkville 2010.
With the app installed on my phone I can see my photos stored on my desktop, Lyve Home storage device, my husband's phone and tablet all in one place. In the photos below, you can see photos from this weekend I took on my phone, the photo session I did last week, and down there on the right Wesley and I standing in the rain hoping to hear The Roots play at Memphis in May in 2009. You can also see the photos I took this morning of Ezra - all in one app and on the same screen. So, while those old brown books have special meaning, these photos  I can see any time I want, where ever I want!

and I had to come back and add this because oh-my-mama-heart (I swear I'm not crying) I found this picture of Jonah that must have been on either my husband's iPad or his phone of baby Jonah. I swear I've never seen this picture. Heart burst! So little but he looks so much the same.

I have been using the app along with my Lyve Home since last year, but now you can use the apps on your Desktop, Tablet, and iPhone  (Android + iOS) for free! So, get to downloading and for a chance to win a Lyve Home complete the steps below!

Don't forget to share the photos you find with the #memorylane so I can check them out! Now I can't wait for #ThrowBackThursday! 

1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android 2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family 3. Share your feelings aboutthe photo/app in the comments!!

Lyve Home $299 Value!


  1. Downloaded the app on my desktop and phone under my yahoo email lil_lady_dz. I uploaded a lots of photos, but one that is a great memory was a family trip to Frankenmuth here in Michigan. We stayed at the Bavarian inn, and rode on the riverboat. It was the first time in a long time that the entire family had been together to create some memories.

  2. I downloaded the app and I picked a photo from my friend's wedding. I
    had a wonderful time and also really liked my dress. It was nice to
    catch up with everyone and enjoy a great night out.

  3. Loving the app! The newborn photos of A are making me all weepy! ;)

  4. My son going down the slide by himself. It made me feel happy and joyful because for a long time he was afraid to do it by himself.

  5. I think the app is awesome! I love looking at family vacation photos.


  6. Love the photo from our Christmas vacation in Canada.

  7. This app is great! I like how quickly it organized all my photos. It brought back fun memories from my family's trip to The House On The Rock (onestopmom at

  8. love the app! this will be perfect for me to share photos with family.


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