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Beach Photos of My Boys

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The beach was magical for these two this year. They both loved it so much. That makes me so happy. Jonah remembers going to the beach last year and now he's building his beach memories with both sides of our family. He loved it. We arrived in Miramar Beach well after midnight on a Friday night, when he woke up on Saturday mornings, he could hardly contain himself. He was so ready to go to the beach, so we left daddy in the bed, packed up a few things and headed out to the sand. 

Before I even noticed, he was neck deep being a human bulldozer and as if I expected anything different, Ezra didn't miss a beat. He would have been a bulldozer too if we'd let him. He couldn't wait to get his toes down deep. He kicked a pulled away from me and put those little fists full of sand right in his mouth. I don't know why I would have expected any different. 

This trip was actually very relaxing. I felt like we just kind of went with the flow most of the time. We have taken a trip to the beach at least once a year since Jonah was born. This has been such a blessing for us. I need and crave those little getaways and this is my favorite place. I have learned over that time that babies require as much, if not more (more it's definitely more) work when you are on vacation. So, this time I just decided that I'd go with their needs, whatever they are at the time. I want to experience so much of life with both of them. It's not possible though, because they are at such different stages right now. I decided I had to let go of my expectation and do what I could to be with both of them. I let Ezra stay with my mom and dad in the condo while we went with Jonah to see an alligator. I let my family watch both of them so Wesley and I could go out to eat. I let my Dad take Jonah to the pool while Ezra napped and I stayed behind. I wish we could have stayed a few more days, but it was wonderful while it lasted and we are still reliving it in our stories. 

Taken June 2nd at Miramar Beach, Florida with my Canon 7D and 50mm 1/4 Lens 

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