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Find JOY in the Journey | Prim and Proper Signs

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to choose a sign at no cost to me in exchange for posting about my experience here. 

I chose wisely. Don't you think?

As we were leaving the beach a few weeks ago, it was around lunchtime as we began to drive home, we stopped to eat in a Burger King. It was less than ideal as we took turns eating, feeding the baby, and going to the bathroom. At one point though, as I looked around, I noticed that we were the only people in there with children. Everyone was with their adult family and friends leisurely eating lunch. We got several smiles and a few hellos maybe. Later as we sat in a booth a elderly lady did make a comment about something Jonah was doing  or saying and I can't even really remember what it was now, but she was amused. We had a short conversation across a few tables and then we went about our personal business. 

I had a thought that maybe all of these people in this restaurant are envious of us with our two little healthy, cute boys and I mentioned my thought to Wesley. The people appeared to have children or grandchildren that may be older or maybe they never had children, I'd have no way of knowing but everyone seemed either unbothered or happy that our children were there. 

I've heard so much from people who "miss those days" or say "they grow too fast" and I so don't want to be the person who looks up and my babies are no longer babies and I didn't enjoy them when they were little. I really do want to find the joy in everything we do... in the little things as well as the big. In that moment I was able to see it so clearly and that, my friends, is rare. 

So, when I saw this sign from Prim and Proper, I knew it was perfect for our breakfast area as a reminder to find those little nuggets of joy that make these the days we cherish... in the present.. in the midst of our journey. 

It's nice to have little reminders around the house. Check out Prim and Proper on ETSYFacebookInstagram, and Twitter

I could buy so many of Amanda's signs. This one is on my wish list too!

As we begin, yes we are still just beginning, to put out house together after moving, I want to keep the pieces that I really love and find places for them that make sense and serve a purpose. This sign meets both of those criteria, plus this is right beside out bird watching window. 

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