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Monday, August 10, 2015

This one is not easy to photograph. I mean his busyness is just off the charts. Especially when you take him outside! It rained the day he turned 10 months - the grass was wet, so we decided to get a few shots under the patio. 

Here are a few updates on our baby Ezra! He makes our family so fun... and tired ;) 


Anything he can get into his mouth! He's has begun to love eating! He now "asks" for real food over a bottle. He can suck a squeeze pack right down, so now I'm looking at the reusable ones - so I can make him some more food for them! He loves to self feed but is SUCH a mess. He twists and turns and tries to feed the dog and gives me several heart attacks a day. 


I am actually praying for improvement in this area. I think he's going through a little bit of an attachment phase/change and wakes up just wanting us several times a night. It's exhausting, but it won't last forever. He's easy to put to sleep but just doesn't sleep long stretches at a time usually. He gets SO mad when you don't come right away to get him too. This boy... has a scream. Oh that scream. 

Learning & Doing

Walking, walking, walking. He is determined at this point and is off! He's decided that walking is his preferred form of transportation, except he may still prefer me carrying him so he can get into stuff up high. He is making many more sounds and babbling. We've got some DaDa's, MaMa's, Ba Ba's, and we swear sometimes he says Jonah and Emma (according to Emma - his cousin). He points, waves a little, stands on his head, climbs, and has learned how to flip though a board book pretty well.  


He's a big boy! I'd say he's probably 22lbs. He's still wearing 9 month clothing, 6-12 month, and some 12 month. I think he's moving from a size 2 shoe to size 3 but doesn't wear shoes that often. He will have to wear something though to Mother's Morning Out, so we are going for Moccasins for now. 


Life in general. He's happy when he's happy and lets you know when  he's not. He clearly tells you when something is not right. He loves mommy to hold and carry him, Daddy to "get" him, and wrestling with brother. He thinks it's awesome to walk but hates to fall. He loves his teddy bear and likes to snuggle and rock when he's tired or over stimulated. He loves to talk and yell. He loves toys. . . especially the ones that his brother and cousins are playing with. He loves his paci - which is great because he puts everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING. 

He also loves getting his way. He has surprised us with some early temper tantrum type behavior. It's just little spurts, but he will scream like he's hurt when you take something from him, take him away from a task he's enjoying (playing in the dog's water bowl for example), or not pick him up when he's clearly asking you to.  I am afraid he's going to be the kid that bites in preschool - it's a good thing he doesn't have any teeth yet. I know that this determination will serve him well in the future but taming it now is going to be an adventure. It's so funny to see him act like that though because he's SO happy and playful most of the time! I just love his little fiery spirit! Maybe he gets it from me. 

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