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First Day of Preschool | Jonah Wilder

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I decided to split the boys up and give them their own posts for back-to-school. Jonah started real Preschool at the same place he went to Mother's Morning Out for the past two years and I love his teacher, his itty bitty classroom and that he's in the same class again with all his little buddies from MMO. I wonder if they will be real friends, go on to public school together, play sports, and go to church with each other? That would be really cool. I met some of my lifelong friends when I was just a little kiddo in church. Maybe not as young as Jonah, but still really early.

The night we went to meet the teachers, his teacher gave us a get to know you form to fill out and gave us some info about her in return - do preschool teachers typically do this? I don't know. This is my first go-round. After reading through though and trying to answer the questions about Jonah, I had to answer How she (his teacher) could pray for him. I thought, wow, what a question. How can she pray for him? Of course, I pray for him, over him, beside him, for him, about him every day, but a stranger wants to pray specifically for my little boy? What a blessing.

I asked her to pray for his timidness. For him to be bold, interact, make friends, and make himself known. It wasn't those exact words, but you get the gist and I hope she did too. Sweet Jonah can sing at the top of his lungs, dance in his underwear, and jump from the kitchen table at home, but out there in the big world, he's a little shy. He shies away from saying hello to others, he won't be the first kid to speak up if he knows the answer or if he doesn't and has a question. He will talk all day about his friends, but I never see him speak a word to them in person.

Lord I pray this school year that Jonah finds his voice and show others what he shows us! He is so kind, smart, creative, caring, loving, and funny. He knows so much for his short little 3 years and I could not be more proud of who he is becoming. Lord, Thank you for this gift of motherhood and for the boy who made me mom. 

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