The Wilde Olive Blog: Just a typical evening at our home... #boymom


Just a typical evening at our home... #boymom

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If you have ever wondered exactly what an evening a play looks like at our house now that there are two crazy boys, here it is. At any moment you could be tackled, kicked in the mouth, covered in pillows, tickled, rolled on, snuggled gently, or loved on really forcefully. It's wild y'all, but I just wanted to share. It doesn't look like it but we do actually supervise them very closely and it's likely no one was seriously hurt during this particular nest making, pillow fighting round of wrestle mania. 

Remind me of this post when people start declining invitations to our home. . .


  1. All I see is pure happiness and enjoyment.
    Laughter and fun between brothers.
    I adore this set of photos :)

    1. Yes they love each other! It's amazing to watch. Even though they are totally different children, I'm starting to see little bits of Jonah in Ezra.. tiny similarities. Other than being rambunctious!

  2. So sweet. It looks very familiar. ;-)

    1. I'm sure it does Amy! it's so fun/funny having these crazy babies, but panic inducing at time!


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