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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I have talked some here about our decisions regarding schooling for our children. The amount of time I spend thinking about what the right choices are for our family is great. This year Jonah started K3 at a small church-based kindergarten that we love three days a week. So far, he is loving it. He hasn't had one minute of doubt about starting school. The first time we went into the classroom he was a bit timid, but practically runs to his room when we get there each day now. I love seeing him being excited about education. You may have seen it, but the other day I posted this short video of him talking about all the things he wants to be when he grows up and I love that at this point, he feels like all of those things are wonderfully possible. 
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If you can't view the video watch here.
I know how fortunate we are to have choices and realize that everyone in our country and around the world have much harder choices to make. It isn't about which preschool sends the most children to college (I mean come on!), it's about whether or not you can afford to send your child to school at all. It's about family responsibilities that our children will never know. Please watch this video about Jennifer and girls in Ghana. I can assure you it's drastically different than the video I posted of my child, but just as hopeful! I hope you'll find her story inspiring too.

Jennifer and the girls of Ghana are just one example of how CARE is changing the landscape for girls around the globe. 

You can find stories of many other girls like Jennifer on

Did you know that 31 Million girls won't go Back-to-School this year? There are some pretty staggering facts out there related to the lack of education around the world. For example, a child born to a literate mother has a 50% higher survival rate by age 5 years. 

As seen in the video featuring Jennifer, CARE is striving to decrease poverty by educating girls. For every year they complete in school their earning will grow by 10-20%. This will allow them to provide for themselves as well as their future families. 

You can visit the gifts of lasting change page to choose to give just a simple donation or you can send an amount that will cover an education need for girls like Jennifer in Ghana, or girls like Laxmi in secondary school or Eulalia in boarding school. 

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