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Seasonal Change.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#SavingSummer ProFlowers

I have always been a big fan of Summer, I love the warm weather months. I love to go the beach, swimming, feeling the hot summer sun on my skin, so I was a little sad when back-to-school rolled around so quickly. I wasn't quite ready for it to be Fall. I needed a little more time for that care-free summer feeling.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way though, seasons come and then they are gone again. Time just marches on.

The summer, this year, feels like it went so quickly. Don't you think? Maybe it's the rush and the business of having two kids now. We hardly had time to do all we wanted. I think now looking back it was just a hard summer to go and do. It was SO hot and with Ezra being so little, it was hard to get out and do the things we love because it was SO hot. Did I already say that?

 I have mixed feelings though,  heading into Fall, there's so much to celebrate and I love holiday season, but it just means that winter is that much closer and I despise winter. The gloom, the darkness, it is just not good for my soul. I try to stay positive and enjoy the moment, but by February I'm done. Give me warmth!

You know what's awesome though? We get to plan and look forward because every day the sun rises and sets. That will never change. Next summer, I want to go more... to parks, events, swimming, just riding out of town for the day. We don't do nearly enough exploring. I think our beach trip this summer left us a little jaded after Ezra cried nearly the whole way home, but next year.. next year he'll be old enough for Mickey Mouse on an iPad and interaction with his brother while we are riding. Next year, he'll be old enough that we can stop at rest stops to let him run around and get some of that energy out. Next year, we'll go more, see more, and just be more... I hope.

Speaking of just being more. I also want to have our friends and family over more. That's one of my goals for this Fall. Invite people to eat with us, play with us, and just hang out with us. So, let's just hold on to our summer a little longer and experience the things we didn't quite get out of our system. Let's enjoy the outdoors, each other's company, and explore where we are.

The beautiful Flowers found in this post are c/o ProFlowers, where you can still find these inspirational Summer Blooms and grab a coupon here. #SavingSummer
Tell us in the comments what you didn't get to check off your Summer bucket list

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  1. Ah - there is SOOOO much stuff we didn't get around to this Summer! But we're in the same boat as you guys - it was FAR too hot to do too much outdoors, and we have a little one (almost 18 months) that makes it difficult to travel too far. So we purposefully saved quite a few activities for Fall - waiting for the weather to cool a bit so being outside and doing things would be more bearable for all of us. I LOVE Fall so I was eagerly awaiting the seasonal change, but like you, I really hate Winter.

  2. These flowers are stunning I love them. Will have to go have a peak at them after. I missed out on more hiking, biking and canoeing in the summer sunshine like I wanted to. But tried wake boarding and loved it. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope you have enjoyed reading so many fab other blog posts and to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme


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