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Easy DIY Lego Mini Figure Display

Friday, October 23, 2015

Today my friend Branson from My Reflection of Something is here to share a fun little DIY project for mamas of lego lovers! I love a good project, and when it serves the function of keeping toys organized that is a win-win! You can find some other fun projects she has been working on recently on her blog, like her Monster Preschool Fun and a Fall Fishbowl Greeting Card for the kiddos to make! 

Call me crazy, but wasn't playing Legos all about what could be built out of the actual blocks when we were kids? Sure, we had a couple Lego figures, but it wasn't the focus. Now, however, there are new mini figures being released all the time. And my boy? He loves them all! Have you seen them sold in the little "blind" packaging where it is supposed to be a surprise which one you get when you open it? Well, one of my husband's many talents is being able to feel through the pack to figure out which one is inside. So, between him and Aiden, they have quite the collection.

I have to admit, some of them are pretty cute! And the fact that there is such a fun variety makes it seem wrong somehow to just toss them in a little drawer when they aren't being used. So, I decided he needed some sort of display for these little treasures that he is so fond of.

I found an old shelf at our local thrift shop (I think I paid 50 cents for it!) and it was super simple to turn it in to a Lego display! I painted it red, at Aiden's request, and decided to take off the boards on the back that made it look more like a shelf that belonged in a country kitchen. Then it was just a matter of gluing in some of the flat Lego pieces so that he could stand his figures on them. You will definitely want to use plenty of hot glue, as it will spread to fill all of the holes on the bottom of the Lego.

Aiden was very excited about his new display. It makes it easy for him to transport his figures from place to place, and he can see what is available with one glance now while he and Daddy are in the middle of a game and need to call in a new character. I like that it keeps them off the floor... at least better than before that is!

Now if I could just figure out how to organize the rest of his Legos! What creative solutions do you have for toy storage?

Branson Merrill is the author of My Reflection of Something. She is a: Child of God. Wife. Mama. Home Educator. Oversharer. LCMS Volunteer Youth Worker. Photo taker. Cookie baker. Mess maker. She loves to write about all of it, and everything in between. Find her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest

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  1. This is so cool. I love how you glued the thin pieces of legos to the shelf so he can clip them on. What an awesome DIY. My boys are still young so I don't have a lot of toys to organize but I love this idea!
    Julie @

  2. What a great Lego shelf. We made one for our grandson and it is amazing how many lego figures he has. Of course he has tons of Legos. My daughter-in-law has many, many plastic bins that have trays that pull out and they put them into categories, so you know where certain pieces are. Works well.

  3. This is so adorable and easy to do! My son is 2 and JUST getting into Legos. I forsee making one of these in my future! Thanks for linking up at MeetUp Monday (


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