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Fall Living Room Decor #safeandstylish

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I have been wanting to do some home tour posts, but have been holding back since it just doesn't feel done... or clean for that matter. If I keep doing that though, I'll never post any. We HAVE been in our house now for 6 months. Crazy! So, I thought in honor of Smith &Noble's Safe and Stylish partnership, I'd show you our Fall Living Room.

The theme for our living room right now as Summer turned to Fall is warmth and coziness. I have pulled all my favorite blankets, pillows, and a cushioned ottoman for just a simple relaxed style. I removed our old coffee table recently and plan on turning it into an upholstered bench at some point and purchasing a round coffee table for the living room. For now though, with the clumsy one year old around, I'm trying to avoid all of the sharp corners we can! It is important for us to consider safety in our home during this season of life!

I love to decorate seasonally, but really didn't want to spend anything on Fall decor until I utilized what I had in storage or at all if I didn't have to. So, this year it's really really simple. I pulled the fabric banners I made for Jonah's first birthday party (four years ago) and repurposed them. I had been using them in the old house too around this time of year or even for past parties, but with a new house, I got to try a few new things. You can get a little peek at how I used them on the window in the kitchen and of course here across the mantel.

I also incorporated a few faux florals that I'd had from years past and mixed in some fresh cut flowers too. You can also see several live pumpkins around our house and outside the front door. I will share that in a different post I hope to get to!

The sideboard is new and still needs a little work to get it just right. I'm hoping to get the shelves updated with some of the things I'd like to display since we went from a house full of built-ins to nada.

One of the biggest impacts we've made as far as making the house a home since moving in, are window treatments. The curtains pictured here, you might recognize from our old house. They, all four panels, were hung in Jonah's room and I loved them there, but in this house, the boys' room just has one window and these curtains are heavy duty and make a statement while remaining neutral at the same time. My mom, grandma and I made them when we first moved into our old house. I wasn't sure at first, but now I love how they connect the two rooms and really bring your eye up to the high ceilings here. They are lined with a heavy liner which is great since we get evening sun SO bright in these back windows. They are hanging on rings and clipped securely so we can follow the safety suggestions for the little ones and avoid cords for opening and closing. With the liners, there isn't really any reason we need blinds, making our room safe and stylish and most importantly baby friendly!

I can't wait to update the windows in the front of the house. I am eyeing shutters, but I'm not sure just yet..maybe some wood blinds. One of the windows is in the kids playroom/guest room so we are looking into what will be best for them and for the look of the front of the house. So, I have partnered with Smith & Noble to help make your home #SafeAndStylish too! We are offering $50 off each window when you upgrade with one of their styles specifically designed for #WindowSafety. As an added bonus, enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000 worth of custom window coverings. Details here!

I'd love to see what you are decorating this Fall! Use #safeandstylish on social media or leave me a link in the comments! 

Decorating for fall can be simple and still look clean and stylish. Come take a peek inside my home to see what Autumn has inspired in the way of home decor!


  1. Your home looks so cozy and chic at the same time. This is perfect for fall
    -Sabrina from (found you from the GYB Facebook page)

  2. OH my word your house is amazing!!

    1. Thank you Lee! We are enjoying it so much! Still working on the little details. =)

  3. I love it, your style is awesome!

  4. SO pretty!! I love every aspect of it! Can you come decorate my house now :)

  5. Everything looks wonderful! Such a pretty home! I love decorating seasonally as well - it changes things up a bit and change is good - that way it doesn't get boring!

  6. It's beautiful! Your home looks nice and cozy!

  7. Beautiful! I love the gray and yellow color way. The chevron patterned draped were nice as well. I also love the fringe on the mantel. Good job!

  8. I love your fall d├ęcor!
    How beautiful.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  9. Your home is beautiful. I love it!

  10. GORGEOUS! I want everything in your living room. :)


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