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Jonah Wilder is 4!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On October 19, 2015 our biggest boy turned FOUR! I can't believe I've been his mommy for four whole years. It feels like it has flown by, but that the same time it feels like he's been mine for a lifetime. I have to admit that three was a really challenging age for us. His declaration of independence and determination to get what he wants has been tiresome for both of us to say the least. 

Some amazing things happened in the past year though. He discovered a whole new version of himself that didn't exist until last September - he became someone's big brother and is learning daily what  that means. One thing about this time that sticks out in my mind is his ownership of his brother. There was never a moment where he said, mom and dad had a new baby or like a stranger came into our home. He has always owned Ezra as just as much his as anyone's. I loved when he would call him "our baby" even when I'd say "my baby and my big boy" some how Jonah would work in that Ezra was "our baby" and he belonged to him as much as he did to mom and dad. He would give me advice on what he needed and still does. He talks for Ezra and advocates for him in our house. "I think he wants some milky." "I think he just wants you to pick him up." "No Ezra, that will burn you." and when something is happening and I've walked out of the room he intervenes if he can (like the ball in the diaper pail yesterday) or he'll say "Emergency, Emergency!" and we know to come running. Typically, this means that crazy little baby has climbed on something, is stuck in something, or his getting something he's not supposed to have. Jonah has a great responsibility with that little brother and I think he's up for the challenge.

In August, he started 3-Day Preschool and he has really blossomed in his knowledge and desire to learn. He has always had a great memory and is very smart, but I can see what he's learning and his wheels turning as he figures out his learning style. He is a bit timid in school though and slow to participate, but that doesn't mean he doesn't retain what is happening around him. 

He has always, from birth even, been an observer. My mom, who has kept him five days a week since he was nine weeks old will always make this point. He's always been watching and taking in what other kids and the adults around him are doing. He watches, absorbs and rarely forgets. This means I reaaaallllyyy have to watch myself and my actions around him. 


He loves to be outside and is very intrigued by nature. He's a bird fanatic... thanks mostly to his MeMe and NaNa. So much so that his Aunt Lacey took him to the Co-Op in Starkville and told him he could pick something out for his birthday. They have all kinds of toy tractors and cars, but my boy...he picked a birdhouse paint with MSU Bulldog prints. Then, unknowingly, my mom (NaNa) bought him a red birdhouse for his birthday also with two kid's bird watching books. I love it. We watch cranes, geese, and all kinds of birds come and go from the ponds behind our house.  

As much as he loves the outdoors, he also loves to be a couch potato. He's very into TV and loves to watch new shows that teach him something he didn't know before. His observational personality serves him well here because he actually retains a lot from educational cartoons like Team Umi Zoomi and a personal favorite, Wild Kratts. I think he might want to be one of those guys when he grows up. According to him though and this video I posted to instagram a few months back, he wants to be a construction worker, a firefighter, a ninja, a knight, and an astronaut. I heard recently that NASA was hiring... you think they'll wait 18 years for him? 

He says I love you out of nowhere to the people he loves, but it quick to tell you how he feels when you do something to cross him. He forgives so easily though and trust me, I have had to ask for his forgiveness a time or two. He quit napping at some point this year, I can't remember exactly when (I'm too tired). 

He's healthy and happy and I pray for him to stay that way! 

This year he's started to learn more about God and prayer. He's learned about death and the cycle of life. He loves to sing and even wrote a song about God never leaving us. My heart could explode. He's so timid though to share his little heart in public, at church and in school. I want him to so badly, but realize pushing him too much will do the opposite. 

Jonah's 4 Year Stats:

   Height: 39.5 inches   Weight: 35.4 pounds (fully clothed with shoes)   Shoe Size: 9-10 Toddler
   Clothing Sizes: 4T slim fitting pants, 4T shirts

He loves Mac N Cheese. McAllisters is his favorite and most requested place to eat! He also loves pizza, cheese, spaghetti, chicken, and fried catfish (is the boy from Mississippi or what?). He eats nearly every fruit and will try most veggies as long as they do not look like salad. Which means anything green and leafy. He's very particular about the temperature of his food. He doesn't want it cold, but waits too long letting it cool down if you ask me. He's a huge fan of lavender and loves to make oil blends for himself to spray all over the place. He wants to learn how to fish. Loves riding his bike and got a new scooter for his birthday but rain has kept us indoors too much! 

I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for my Jonah man, but I'd really like him to still cuddle up in my lap for another few years please. 

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