The Wilde Olive Blog: Jonah's Super Hero Bounce Palace 4th Birthday Party!


Jonah's Super Hero Bounce Palace 4th Birthday Party!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As Jonah has gotten a little older we've ventured out for birthday parties a little more. He had a few requests for his birthday but is generally happy just knowing that we are celebrating him! He wanted Super Heroes this year (and a ride on Uncle Jonathan's Golf cart) for his birthday party. It just so happened that my mom won a birthday party at The Bounce Palace, so we decided that would be perfect for Jonah's birthday. We actually upgraded from the 90 minute party to the 2 hour party and I really don't think that was necessary... the kids were so tired after a good 45 minutes of playing!

Even though we didn't have such a blank slate to start with, the decorations came out great! I created the cityscape for the table using a blank project board and some gold vinyl I had left over from another project and we filled the room with balloons and confetti! The pictures do not even come close to doing it justice, but when you are in an old bowling alley on a rainy day, you do the best you can!

I opted out of using their table covering, plates and napkins for the most part to use my own I purchased at Target and it really made a difference. The main wall was yellow and went great with the decor. As you can see, some of my balloons didn't quite work out. The one's a purchased for Ezra's party were fantastic and I chose to order from a different shop for the other letters I needed, big mistake, The large 4 didn't float, I make a hole in the A because it was too hard to get the straw in to blow up and the H just didn't hold air from the get-go. I sang a little verse of Let It Go and used them anyway. 

Another one of Jonah's requests was an M&M cake, so I made that happen for him! So easy! I made the cake and all of the cupcakes from scratch two box mixes and I'm pretty darn happy with how they came out! We used stickers and pieces of confetti to make the cupcake toppers. We ordered pizza through the venue and I brought two of Jonah's favorite snacks, pretzels and grapes!

It really was a great party and everyone who came had a great a time! Jonah was so timid in front of the group, but we'll talk more about that later. He got some amazing gifts. It took us a week and half but I think they are all opened now and are definitely being enjoyed by two little boys!

We are so grateful to all the people that took the time to come on a rainy Sunday afternoon!


  1. Looks like he had a very fun party!!!

  2. I love all of the fun details, especially the balloon letters and glitzy food picks!


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