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Transitioning to a Toddler | Ezra Oliver at 13 Months

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ezra turned a year old and then another whole month just flew by. How in the world did that happen? I think I may have even said to someone that he was 12 months the other day and that's a complete lie! He's already 13 months and well on his way to 14 months this month! What is going on?

I am not going to do the same type of monthly update on him going forward..maybe every 3 months or so but I did just want to talk about him and how he's changing into a full-fledged toddler. I'm a little sad. Babies just don't stay babies long enough. We've been slowing putting away baby stuff and deciding what products we need to keep around and what to store away. We've been working on transitioning clothing since it's kind of cooler here.. on some days at least, weaning him from his bottle, and really working towards him eating what we eat.

I was looking through the most commonly used items now that Ezra's a year old and realized we are kind of in a transitional period. He's still so much a baby, needing a full diaper bag when we leave the house, but at the same time, it feels like we are gaining a little more freedom with him phasing out some of the baby items were were so dependent on the last year. 

  • Wipes - I feel like we will need until they are adults. I mean kids of all ages are messy and wipes are awesome. We won't be phasing those out any time soon.

  • Baby Food - We have been really dependent on Squeezable baby food packs the last several months because Ezra wouldn't eat too much else. He eats a good variety but doesn't really care to be fed by spoon and just now started getting teeth. Can you believe he's gotten 4 teeth since his first birthday? We have also started transitioning him to more protein packed pouches with 2-3g of protein sine we are being to try to wean him. 

  • Sippy Cup - We are giving him water in a sippy cup and have been for several months now, but he still prefers his milk from the bottle, so we are encouraging drinking out of the sippy!  

  • Essential Oils - I use essential oils mostly to diffuse in his room at night to promote a calming environment, but also use them on his skin topically, especially after so many marks from HFM recently. Anything to make his skin softer and to promote healing! Two of my favorites for him are Sleepyze and Gentle Babies. 

  • Diapers - I am in NO HURRY to potty train this little boy! The only reason I would push it is his sensitive skin and tendency to have occasional redness, but that's why we try to keep him as clean as we can, use soothing soaps and ..

  • Diaper Rash Cream - It seems nothing works better than the purple tube. Even with Jonah, which we had lots of redness after he turned one, probably because of his willingness to try different foods at that age! Desitin has always been our go-to. 

  • Bottles - We have been trying (not very hard) to transition him from the bottle, like I said above, but it's been hard since we were sick for two weeks and he really is comforted by it. So, I am making a goal to have him bottle free by 15 months (please don't hold me to that LOL). 

There were a few more items on the list, like his paci, yum yum teething snacks, and moccasins (always wearing the moccassins) but that little booger kept stealing his stuff as I was trying to take the photograph.

He's so funny and mischevious. He just yanks stuff off shelves, out of drawers, wherever and just throws it around, then runs off most of the time. Wesley and I are always just looking at each other like . . . who is this kid!? He sure does love to laugh though. He's so full of energy and spirit, we hardly care that he leaves destruction wherever he goes! 

Y'all I have go to get better about my electronic coupons! Right now you can get 25% off Desitin at Target with the cartwheel app

What are your transitional must haves for a one year old?

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