The Wilde Olive Blog: You might be a workaholic if...


You might be a workaholic if...

Friday, November 27, 2015

you take your 27 inch desktop computer with you when you go visit family for Thanksgiving. I know I know... but I did spend quality time with my family, as well as enjoy some much needed down time, so I actually didn't get that much work time in. It it was good to have the option, though. With everything we have going on right now, in this busy season that has blessed our family so much, I have to be able to keep up! The beauty of photography and blogging is really you can do it from anywhere!

Since my room at my in-laws was so cozy, I also got to enjoy some know while children were sleeping.

Wouldn't you like to relax here?

I think MeMe and Poppie would run a bed and breakfast in another life. There's always plenty of comfort, food, and refreshments at the holidays and anytime we stay with them.

The greatest thing about taking my computer is that I can use it for so much more than work! Pre-Black Friday shopping and catching up on some of my favorite shows. Even if I hadn't brought my own computer, my inlaw's desktop is sitting right behind mine. Sometimes it is just easier to work with what you are comfortable though. Or, you know, work on one and watch some TV on the other!

Do you watch the Blacklist? It's the only show that Wesley and I both watch now.

It's always been exciting, fast paced and ever-changing. Especially this season! 

Did you know you can watch all your favorite NBC shows anywhere? With NBC you can watch TV without the TV! All you have to do is visit NBC and press play. Nothing to download, no passwords, just watch your shows from the day, the week before, or you can even find some classic shows from NBC. 

Click to Watch Now: Heroes Reborn, The VoiceChicago FireChicago Med, and Chicago PD (shout out to Sophia Bush - love her!) 

Tell me what's your favorite NBC show? Classic or playing now? 


  1. I've just posted about The Blacklist too, such a good show!
    P.S. the bedroom interior looks so cozy!

    1. Oh we loovve it! It definitely is always a cozy place to stay!

  2. Too funny! I have taken my MacBook (and did a couple weeks ago while I was out of town with my kids), but have never traveled with my desktop. Of course, when I was still using a desktop, it was a full tower + separate monitor. Yours looks a tad simpler to travel with and I can understand the desire to get in some editing time plus blogging.

    1. That is what I love about having the iMac - the ability to just have one major piece.. my keyboard and mouse fit in my camera bag BUT I am so scared of breaking it!!


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