The Wilde Olive Blog: Christmas Morning | 2015


Christmas Morning | 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Despite how dim it looks in our house, the boys didn't actually wake up until almost seven. Which, for me, was still too early since I crammed in most of my shopping, wrapping, and planning for Christmas into the two weeks prior, leaving me with a few nights in a row in which I saw 1, 2, and 3am. Putting myself and my dark circles aside, the excitement on their faces was worth all the hard work. We kept it fairly simple with their gifts but I had to throw in a few extra things at the last minute. 

The boys both got a "big" toy from Santa each, Hot Wheels race track for Jonah (he asked Santa directly for that) and the Smart Shots Sports Center for Ezra. It's kind of perfectly his size! Then together they got the road rug with cars and the super awesome play house that you've been seeing on instagram if we are friends over there! Santa's Elves did such a good job putting it together.

We also opened a few gifts from each other. It was just as exciting and I was so happy I picked something for Jonah that he didn't think he would get. He told me he had seen the kidizoom on a commercial but he hadn't asked for it. He even said it was his favorite gift! So, now I know he really likes surprises. =) I might be secretly hoping for him to be the videographer in the family!

Ezra is just happy with anything and everything. He didn't really get opening presents but sure did like seeing new toys!

And last but not least, they love their little cabin/playhouse. Isn't it cute! I got a great deal on it and they really needed something like this to use in the yard! i wanted to replace their kitchen and Jonah asked for a grill. So, instead of buying the two of those, we chose this for basically the same price. It has a grill, a picnic table, and a little counter with a sink - so it can still replace the kitchen and I will have one less thing in my house! Yippee for declutter 2016!

Of course we know that Christmas isn't really even about the gifts, but we love each other and we are able to show our love through the blessings that God has given us. The toys and things we did give and receive will hopefully give us more of a reason to play together, learn together, discover the world together and just be together.

I hope your Christmas day was filled with JOY and LOVE!

The Honest Company

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