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Ezra Oliver | 14 and half months...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Back when I wrote Ezra's 1 year update, I thought, maybe I'll take a little break from writing monthly updates since he's a year old... I certainly don't do it for Jonah...but since he really is changing so rapidly still, I thought maybe every 3 months would be good. Then, I realized that 15 months falls right in the middle of the holiday (December 29th). I can tell you right now, that post would not happen.

So, why not now? 14 1/2 months sounds like a great time to write about my littlest pumpkin. 

I may come back and add more of these precious photos in this post or maybe another, but I was so excited that I've managed to get some really good shots of Ezra lately. Honestly, he's kind of hard to pin down... literally!

I have decided to not do too much of a structured update, just writing about my little man. This is my moment to gush, so get ready.

Ezra is first and foremost, a happy, excited little boy filled with a joyful spirit! He is also determined, energetic, strong, strong-willed, mischievous, adventurous, and so many many more awesome things. He loves to eat now. He will try almost anything and is finally eating a little more protein...the chicken nugget picture below for one example. ;) He loooves bananas, crackers, and is a bit of a carboholic. He gets it honest though let me tell you.

He loves playing with cars and trucks, ride on toys, and non-toys. He loves to get in things, on top of things, under things, and most of all climbing is is favorite. Since his big brother is at an age where he needs to do things for himself, like go to the bathroom, then wash his hands we have stools all over the house. As you can imagine there are many a heart attack had when we accidentally leave a stool out or a door open. Recently, Ezra pushed the ride-on pirate ship that we all love, up to the bench at the end of my bed, climbed on it, then the bench, then onto the bed he ran. He was SO proud of himself.

He still LOVES it outside, feeds half his food to the dog, stands on his head, wants to be rocked and snuggled at night and wakes up going full blast!

He's funny and playful and knows when he's making you laugh and grins when he knows he's about to get fussed at. . Oh how we love that grin! The past few days, he's been just saying MaMa in the most determined voice and is talking to me with such a purposeful tone, that I think he's about to spit out a sentence or two, but when I say "yes?" he just grins and goes back to whatever he was doing.

We can't imagine our lives without his excitement! We are so blessed to have this baby boy in our lives. He makes everything even more fun and interesting!

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