The Wilde Olive Blog: Earn Money for your local school + a cash giveaway!


Earn Money for your local school + a cash giveaway!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My boys are just beginning their journey into the world of formal schooling. Jonah just in K3 and Ezra just starting to venture out into a "class" setting with Mother's Morning Out, but education is so important to our family. We support a well-rounded art-filled education with hands on teaching. We have discussed and I have even shared here on the blog how much we talked about what type of school we would like for our children to attend. We recently moved into a district with really high ratings and are feeling confident about sending our boys to public school here, but that school, as every school does needs support beyond what they are given on an official level. They need parents and teachers to partner and the community to invest in the future for our kids.

It seems like BoxTops have been around forever, but I have never known it to be this easy to actually use them! With eBoxTops you can get 5 #eBoxTops when you buy and TWO participating products. Just check out the list and you'll see there are some items that you probably already purchase, like Cheerios and Grand's Biscuits. We buy General Mills cereal like it is going out of style and then we'll go through phases where I can't seem to get rid of the big box I just bought (at least I got the 5x box tops though right?). This is when I have to get creative and create snacks for the kids that seem different and exciting!

This past week, and once over the holidays, we created a simple snack mix with kid friendly snacks that they will be excited about when seeing them all together. For today's snack mix we just used Honey Nut Cheerios, pretzels, a touch of granola and m&ms. This is the perfect party food for the little ones!

and the best part?! you are giving back to your local school when you redeem the eBoxTops!

Here's how you can get eBoxTops:

  • Log in to your Winn-Dixie account or sign up for a new account.
  • Enroll in Box Tops for Education, select your school, and link it to your Winn-Dixie account
  • Add eBoxTops offers to your account and earn cash for your school when you buy participating products at Winn-Dixie. Every month brings a new offer! 

This month’s offer is to get 5 eBoxTops when you purchase any two participating products. This deal will be open until January 31, 2016. BUT I have even better news today. I have teamed up with WinnDixie to bring you all a $20 CASH giveaway! If you win, I will get to paypal you $20 for you to spend on yourself! =)

$20 Paypal Cash #eBoxtopsatwinndixie

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  1. What a fun snack mix idea! I miss Winn-Dixie. We used to shop there when they were in NC. Definitely curious about this eBoxTops thing though and wondering if any of our stores do it. We collect BoxTops for my son's school and have the grandparents and aunts & uncles helping us too. It adds up.


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