The Wilde Olive Blog: Happy New Year!! 2016 + a short reader survey!


Happy New Year!! 2016 + a short reader survey!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year friends! Are you excited to for 2016? I am for sure! However, I can't say that I  totally have a "plan" or have my real goals for the year ironed out just yet. Still working on my focus. I know it will be a year to restart. Not that it has to be a new year for a restart, but the early months of the year are always good ones to start fresh because it feels like there is a lot more down time during January and February. I hope this blog continues to grow and I get to bring you great content and can be something that has you coming back for more every few days! Can I do that? I don't know, but I'd like to try.

I have a dream of this space being just a peek behind the curtain at our regular life, a journal where I can write until my heart is content, a place where I can grow in faith but most of all I want to take and show the most beautiful photographs that I am capable of. I want to use the gifts that I have been given to their fullest extent. I want to take leaps and trust that God knows what he's doing as long as I trust in him. I want to continue to grow the dreamer behind the camera that started this blog...what five, six years ago? I want other voices to come here and speak life into this blog through their words or through creations or photographs. I want to create good food and stories from around the table that make you want to devour them. I want to give to you as much as you have given to me. 

I also want to grow into a blogger that knows how to end her posts. I am awful at the wrap up.. I have no idea what to say here, except that I'd like you to fill out the survey to help me know what to do more of. I want to know what will keep you coming back for more. I want to know what you are excited about in 2016! I want us to spend the year together! 

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