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3 Quick Tips for Battling Winter Skin

Monday, February 8, 2016

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I have written before about how my boys have inherited my sensitive skin and how we have to be careful of scents and chemicals that dry or irritate our skin. When I pick up my boys from my mom's after work, she'll mention some redness or new something that showed up on one of their faces. Since it's been cold though, everyday, every bath, we have to be proactive. Last year, Jonah's skin got so bad, I had to start using hydrocortisone cream to combat the discomfort he felt. Finally, it subsided as the humidity returned but now I thought I'd share some things we are using as a preventative this year and I will tell you that prevention is key because healing requires much more work (and whining on their part). I use most of these products on myself as well because like I said, they get it from their Mama. 

1. My go-to solution is Honest's organic healing balm

It's made with  plant-based botanicals known to soothe, calm, nourish and moisturize the skin, including coconut, olive, sunflower oils and shea butter. I use it on my hands, feet and cuticles before I go to bed, on my lips for a bit of extra moisture and even on my hair to fight frizz! I also love is that it's gentle enough for my boys' sensitive skin. It almost immediately soothes chapped cheeks and dry knees. 

If you're looking for an ultra-gentle yet highly-effective product, I definitely recommend trying out Honest's Organic Healing Balm. Your skin will be happy and once it's rubbed on, it doesn't stay sticky like some other protective skin treatments. 

2. Adding a bit of lavender essential oil to your bath or moisturizer. 

Apply 2–4 drops topically to skin irritations, cuts, or as needed. Here's how to use it for the babes. For us ladies, Essential Families suggests adding some lavender to your face lotion or serum. It is great for wrinkles or if your skin thinks it's a 13 year old, it's very calming for those irritated spots. 

3. Organic Body Oil by Honest
This light, soothing blend includes sustainably grown and certified organic jojoba, tamanu, olive, avocado, and sunflower oils to leave skin silky and nourished. It's great for skin of all ages. Perfect anytime, especially after bath or shower. Rub on skin to moisturize and soften. Or add a drop to body lotion for an extra emollient hydration. Great for baby massage and pregnant bellies. 

We use this as a carrier and massage oil to add drops of essential oils to after bath and at bed time. We use it on our feet and rub the left over all over! I personally use it with Frankincense Essential Oil on the backs of my hands, face and neck after a shower. It does not leave my skin oily and I am able to apply make-up after letting it dry just a few minutes. 

Hope you find this helpful if you are searching for some winter skin help! Spring hurry! 

What are your tricks to keeping you skin soft during the cold months? 

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