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Everyday Hero #ShareYourHero #WOMENxUBS #AnnieLeibovitz

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You can probably guess without even having to look at this post who I picked when I was asked to take a photograph (and do a campaign with Annie Leibovitz- WHAA?) of a woman I consider to be an "Everyday Hero". If you read this blog at all, you know that I basically hand over my whole life to my mother every day. She literally saves me every day. I say this because I have the privilege of trusting her with the care of my babies.

Being working mother is hard. One of the hardest things I've done in my life. I mostly hate it. I have struggled for over 4 years with that pull that wants more time, more opportunity, more freedom to be with and do the big and little things with my babies. I am gone for nine + hours a day, five days a week and I leave my babies to be raised by someone else. This is my reality and sometimes it hurts. 

BUT, there is a big but, I am so incredibly thankful that my mother has given her retirement years to me and my children. I know for her, she loves them unconditionally and is thankful for the opportunity to take care of them, but it's still a sacrifice. My siblings and I are all in our 30's, she did her job and now is voluntarily doing it again so that they can have the best of the best. They have a person that knows and loves them because they are her own. 

I am amazed at the level of patience, love, and nurturing she is able to give them daily. I have confidence that after I have had a long, frustrating day at work that my boys have been loved on, learned something, and had the chance to be themselves in a way that they wouldn't get to otherwise. Lucky us. 

Now for the part about Ms. Leibovitz, a photography legend whose work is beyond stunning. UBS has partnered with Annie Leibovitz for Women: New Portraits. I will tell you a little secret... when I saw she was working on this project, I said yes without even reading the rest! Yes yes yes! Oh and did I mention there is a chance to meet her?! My little photographer's heart would burst! She takes the most stunning portraits - the WOMEN: NEW PORTRAITS Exhibition includes some of the most beautiful photographs  and I could just stare at them all day. So beautiful and so real. 

In 1999, Leibovitz published Women, a book of portraits made in collaboration with Susan Sontag. It was wildly successful so, in London in January 2016, the UBS and Leibovitz collaboration continues to explore the changes in the roles of women today while bringing to life one of the greatest art exhibitions of the 21st century. So, beautiful that they are focusing on women all around the world

The tour will travel to ten host cities over the course of twelve months. 

• London
• Tokyo
• San Francisco
• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• Mexico City
• Istanbul
• Frankfurt
• New York
• Zurich

Oh I wish I was close to one of these cites! The good news is though that you (or I) could win a trip for two to meet Annie Leibovitz at the exhibition in New York City. Oh how I long to go back to NYC! Here's how to enter: Post a photo of your female hero on Instagram using #ShareYourHero and tagging @UBS to enter. UBS will select one winner per month between March - October.I will be entering constantly.. see y'all in October.. I'll just be here trying to win! 


  1. Love this post so much. Your mom sounds amazing!

  2. Beautiful photos and what a touching post! You're children (and you) are really blessed by your mother's daily caring for them. :)


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