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DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender

Friday, April 29, 2016

DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender

I always assumed it would be difficult or complicated to make soaps at home, but this is probably the easiest DIY project I have ever done! It literally took about 1 minute. We use essential oils daily in our house and I am slowly, but surely transitioning everything we use into safer, more natural products (some with EOs and some without). I find that really hard with things that clean, because I feel like I need to KNOW it's really really cleaning. 

So, here's how I do it! 

DIY Thieves and Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

1. Save those foaming soap pumps! If you typically use them, just wash thoroughly or toss them in the dishwasher to get all of the old soap out! If you don't have any old one's lying around or that are almost gone, you can find them on amazon for a great price. 

DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender

2. Castile Soap. You can find this on the shelves at Walmart or Target and even your regular old grocery store. I by the BIG "baby" unscented bottle. It will last you a very long time, especially if you make foaming soaps. To your Soap dispenser add 2-3 tablespoons of Castile Soap
3. A moisturizing oil. For this you can use Jojoba oil or a mixture of Fractioned (liquid) Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera. Add 1 Teaspoon to your dispenser.
4. Thieves and Lavender. You can really choose any oils here, but for the kitchen, I know the thieves will kill the bacteria found there. So, I added 10-12 drops of Thieves and 10 drops of Lavender.
5. Fill the rest with Distilled Water (if you don't have distilled water - boil filtered watered on the stove and then let it cool). Fill the dispenser the rest of the way and SHAKE!
DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender

This smell so good and it's so soft on your hands! My husband made the comment that it would leave oil on his hands and he didn't want that, then I reminded him of the dish soap he fell in love with that contained aloe... umm same thing dude... just with fewer ingredients! 

DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender
DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender
DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap | Thieves + Lavender

Let me know if you try it!

If you want to learn more about Essential Oils, check out the tab that the top of the page or just search essential oils here on the blog!

Happy DIYing! 


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