The Wilde Olive Blog: 52 Week of Us Week 17 + French Snacking!


52 Week of Us Week 17 + French Snacking!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


 This boy, this week, has made my heart grow a million and two sizes. I try not to GUSH too much over my children because we all think our kids hung the moon, but I just have to write down, here into my memory book the words of my boy that makes me so proud (while I document his dirty snacky face and his "french" baker attire)

I wasn't feeling well on Saturday after having a stomach flu over night. In the afternoon I laid down in my bed for a nap and after a while, he came in

J: Mommy are you feeling better?
M: I'm okay baby, I just have a headache after being sick. I'll be all better in the morning. What do you need?
J: Nothing, I was just checking on you. Do you want something to drink? (Heart-Explosion!)
M:  No thanks, I'm okay. Thank you for checking on me. I love you.
J: I love you too.

and he leaves. My heart almost burst at how sweet he was just checking on me. I could have been frustrated that he didn't let me sleep. I expected that he needed something because don't our little ones always need something? Not this time. He was just checking on ME. I can't tell you how proud of him I felt in that moment. The love that pours out of our hearts will pour right into theirs and they will in turn pour it into others.


I love LOVE. In this season of my life, I feel like pouring my whole heart into my littles and doing things together that we are passionate about just enhances our ability to love others in the way God intended. I'm still learning how to do everything for them whole heartedly, but I think we'll figure it out together as WE grow. 

Speaking of love and following our passions, terrible segue, I'd think I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but let's continue. This quote from the creators of the new, all-natural French snack company “bakery”  caught my attention when we were asked to try their new  products.

"finally, and perhaps most importantly, the essential ingredient in all of our products is love. we’ve made sure to bake just the right amount of love into each and every snack. we’re certain that after your first bite (you know, right around the time a smile slowly appears across your face?) you’ll taste the love too!"

Bakerly is crossing the Atlantic to make its products available in the U.S. for the first time including Crepes, Mini Brioche & delicious chocolate-filled Croissants.


To celebrate its Atlantic crossing and arrival in the U.S., bakerly has become the main sponsor of The Transat bakerly race, world’s oldest solo transatlantic sailing race held every four years from Plymouth, England to New York City. During their solo voyage across the Atlantic, each sailor gets the opportunity to take a selection of bakerly snacks on board for delicious treats and taste of home thousands of miles out at sea. Bakerly snacks are always all natural ingredients, non-GMO and no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring and no preservatives.


So, whatever you are passionate about, put a little love into and share it with others. I bet it will bring a smile to their face and yours. Happy Week friends! 

PS These snacks were so good! our favorite were the petit cakes. They are all gone. 

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