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Clean Freak Approved!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Spring Cleaning Season everyone! Do you guys get excited about Spring cleaning? I actually don't get excited about the actual cleaning part, but MAN isn't it nice when it's done? Spring is a reminder that things are fresh and new and it feels good to declutter and deep clean. Last week I blogged about 10 Chores for Your Preschooler (with a giveaway that will help you clean) and since we are in full on letting them help mode, I thought I'd talk to you about a few products we've recently tried in an effort to move everything to a more natural and safe, but still clean approach. 

Tip: To save on cleaning products you can always find coupons here

What you see above is just a sampling of Lemi Shine products that we've tried so far. Here's a list of my top 5 Favorite Lemi Shine products that I think are a must try this Spring cleaning season!

1. Concentrated Dish Soap: It truly only takes a small dot of this stuff to create a big bubbling sink full of heavenly - Lemon smelling suds! We used the one specifically for greasy dishes, but there are two other varieties here and you can get $1.00 off here.

2. The Disposal Cleaner: The packages has very specific, easy instructions and y'all I couldn't believe how much it foamed up and it even foamed up the other side of my sink, so not only did it clean my disposal it also cleaned the drain and pipes on the other side of my sink! It was actually fun to watch and it makes you feel so good that you can deep clean something that you'd have to take apart to clean otherwise! We will be keeping this product around because the amount of sour milk we pour down our drains is disgusting (those of you whose kids drink out of sippy cups know what I'm talking about- gag!). Get a coupon for 50 cents off here. 

3. Dish Washer Detergent + Booster: The Detergent uses Enzymatic Agitation, this breaks down even the most stubborn food residue and rinses it away. It contains biodegradable surfactants, citrus oils, enzymes and real fruit acids. the booster is used for hard water stains and there was a noticeable difference in the sparkle of our dishes after one use. 

There are a few coupons for the booster and the detergent found here. You can also find a coupon here to get a free dish soap when you buy the booster. 

4. Dishwasher Cleaner: I don't know if I was even aware that your dishwasher needed to be cleaned. I mean I've noticed extra stuff hanging around in there after a wash but I figured it would get washed with the next load, but when I really started looking at it, I knew it was true. Plus, I've seen a few DIYs floating around pinterest on how to clean your dishwasher since it's Spring cleaning season, so here's the easy way. Lemi Shine's Dishwasher cleaner will change how you look at how clean your dishes actually are... yikes! This stuff does it's job well. I think every month or couple of months would be enough unless you notice residue building up. 

Here is a store locator for each product, so you can find the Dishwasher cleaner next time you go. 

5. Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner is the bomb y'all. This one might be my ultimate favorite. 

After the first use, Lemi Shine® Glass & Surface Cleaner creates an invisible barrier shielding surfaces from dust, fingerprints, and water spots.
We have glass doors and low window in my house and between the dog and the kids, they are always smudged and it's pretty gross. Not only the windows, but I've used this to clean our kitchen table and our littlest's high chair. The 100% Natural Citric Extracts make it powerful and a little more earth and kiddo friendly.

These are just my top five favorite. We have yet to try the Shower and Tile cleaner.. Lord knows we need that in our shower cleaner and I'm thinking the tile around the toilet needs a good scrubbing! There's something I can look forward to... but seriously, I have enjoyed trying these products and look forward to long term use. The scent is citrus and natural smelling without being overwhelming and don't leave a smell in your dishwasher or on your dishes. That chemical smell you find after using other products is the worst and it makes me rinse my children's cups and after running them through the dishwasher, that isn't a good feeling.

If you are thinking, I have never heard of Lemi Shine, we don't have that where I live, look again because I thought the same thing and I used this store locator and saw they are in almost every store in my area. 

Happy Spring Cleaning! Check out Lemi Shine's Spring Cleaning Playlist at the top right HERE. 

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