The Wilde Olive Blog: My first Monday.


My first Monday.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Last night, as everyone was going to sleep, I was standing in the kitchen and did a little happy dance! I realized that tomorrow was Monday and although I have a busy week ahead of me and lots of work to get done, none of that work is in a building that I'll stay in for eight hours straight. Now, I won't complain about the office with no windows because currently I'm sitting in an office with no windows, BUT it's in MY HOUSE! My kids are having breakfast in the next room and I don't have to yell at anyone to PUT YOUR SHOES ON! Praise Jesus.

I had a great session last night with a longtime client and it was probably the easiest/best session we've ever had. I know, as I said in my last post, that there will be times when I struggle and that I have had a lot fear around what would happen next as I took the leap to quit my full-time job, but on my first Monday, I am feeling confident and I am ready to let God take me where he wants me to go.

Pray that I can do that. Pray that I can really let God use me through this new adventure. Pray that I can remember that I don't need all the STUFF the world has to offer and pray that I can use me talents and time to honor him in ways I don't even know about yet!

and because I can't just post a few words and move on. I didn't get many photos, because it was craziness with E and all the people, but we went to Dinner and a Movie at The MS Museum of Art. It's such a great place. I love to take photos there in the Art Garden, but this night was the Food Truck Festival and they showed Toy Story 3. This was the third year and I think maybe next year we'll just go for the food or just come for the movie because having 4 kids wait for food and then wait for a movie to start was kind of difficult when they only had our blanket space to play in. We did enjoy ourselves (the food!) though and the kids had fun, that's all that really matters right?!

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