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Mother's Day Giveaway | You Deserve It!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

There is really not a day that goes by here in this little space on the internet that we aren't celebrating motherhood. Whether, we are talking about children, photographing them, making life better for them in some tiny little way or another or maybe doing the same for mom. Motherhood and family are what drive me to write these days. If I'm honest, though, I haven't had much time or brain capacity to do that lately. I want to share my heart in the midst of motherhood, but sometimes the parenting of it all just takes away my ability to conjure a complete thought. So, here I am wanting to inspire on mother's day, reach out to new moms, experienced moms, and mothers somewhere in the middle like me, but the words are trapped and I am at a stand still.

So, my first piece of advice to you is, just like when I'm stuck in real life, ask the real moms (and dads) living it just like me and you. Last week, I did just that, asking them to share the best advice they received when they became parents or to share something they wished someone would have told them. Here are their answers,

"No matter how many times people tell you, 
you really don't understand true true love until 
you see that little squishy baby!"

Anna, mother of a one year old son

"Sleep when baby sleeps (even though I'm terrible with that)."
Karey, newborn mommy

Let your housework wait 
and soak up all the baby cuddles you can 
because they grow way too fast!

Kristi, baby boy mom

No matter how difficult it seems at the time, it will pass. 
No matter how great it seems at the time, it will pass. 
All too quickly. 
Take time to be present and enjoy the great times. 
Allow God to teach you in the difficult times. 
They are both more precious than you know.

Rachel, first time mother

Always plan for "the worst" while changing a diaper.

Robbie, Dad times 3

You'll understand how hard your mom worked 
to keep you happy but safe growing up. 
And it's definitely not always easy.

Amanda, single mom

When I was panicked about my infant son not consistently sleeping on his back, 
a pediatrician told me - the baby hasn't read all the books you read when you were pregnant,
 he doesn't know what he's "supposed" to be doing.
sometimes you just have to do what's right for your child and that's ok!

Christy, mom of two

Happy mama makes happy baby. 
If you had this big plan of parenting one way (breastfeeding, not co sleeping, etc) 
and it's becoming more stressful than helpful, change it up. 
Do what's best for you and your baby.

Ashley, mom of two

Surround yourself with positive, supportive women!
Don't listen to anything the haters say about how 
you choose to parent your children (in my case co-sleeping
baby led weaning, tandem nursing a toddler 
and newborn, etc.).
 Lastly, NO ONE knows your child like you do- including the pediatrician!

Kari, expecting baby boy number two

Moms, we have the best and the hardest job in the whole world. Each of us individuals, parenting individual children. We are unique in talents, goals, and needs. We deserve to be celebrated for being the best mom we can.

So, this Mother's Day, let's celebrate that we made it to this point, loving our children the best way we know how. Let's celebrate the mothers who came before us to show us the way. Let's thank God he designed us so perfectly for our specific roles in our children's lives. Let's Pray that when the time comes to release them into the big wide world, that He guides them and allowed us to give them the tools to share love and kindness. Let's be thankful that we have the best job in the whole world. 

and by all means, get in front of a camera with your babies this Mother's Day, whether the are 2 or 42, they will cherish you and want to capture how you made them feel


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  1. Beautiful blog header and photos! Glad to stumble upon your blog. cheers.

  2. Great photos! And enjoying the bits of advice. All so true.


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