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Displaying Your Child's Art Work

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I absolutely love getting all the art work my kiddos make in preschool and mother's morning out. I have no idea how their teachers are so organized to get all of these cute pieces done in the little time they have with them, but they are amazing!

There are some things that are my four year old's favorite and there are some things that he really doesn't care about but I love. He will NOT let me throw ANY of it away. I already have two tupperware boxes full of stuff he and his little brother have brought home and they are only 4 and 1. I used to hang it up around the house temporarily and I still do if it's a holiday that goes with the art or if I really love it, like the fruit loop rainbow on my fridge. I know I can't put that thing in the box because of the fruit loops but it's been hanging on my fridge for a few months because it's so dang cute!

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I decided to use the little hallway off my kitchen that leads to my office, laundry room and garage to display some art work and pictures I wouldn't necessarily hang in my living spaces. I could pick lots of favorites but instead I picked some hands and feet and some favorites that I could make a collage out of. So, that's what I'm going to show you today since I kind of love how it turned out. 

First, I chose a frame that I've had forever and at some point spray painted white. I also used a matte because I just like how it shows off the colors a bit better. I just like mattes and that's a person preference, I use them for almost all of my frames. 

Then I chose some pieces of art that belong to both boys. I chose things that kind of went together but had a variety of color. I also chose a mix of larger and smaller pieces so that I could fill in any gaps in the frame.

I then just started arranging them to cover all of the blank spaces and rearranged them a few times. I used a piece of cardboard to hold everything in place while I check my work.
You could also just arrange them on the table and use the glass and matte over them to figure out placement. Once you are happy with placement put your back on and double check for any holes.

I used the birds wings over the matte and could have done that with possible the plate lion too, but he was a little too thick between the glass and the matte. I just love walking by my babies' art. I will probably trade out my favorites over time and I will be adding to this wall as they grow!

I will be adding to Jonah's sports photos here too. I think it's a perfect little accomplishment wall for them and for us! 

What ideas do you have to display your children's art?

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