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Summer Grab Bag for Mom's on the Go!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Wow! Our Summer has already been jammed packed so far and doesn't feel like it's slowing down anytime soon. While you are reading this we will be in the midst of our beach vacation chasing two kiddos - one who is a little extra crazy.

I feel like I'm never prepared for anything and this trip, I planned well for but still wanted to be OVER prepared because one thing I've learned as a mom is being over prepared is much better than being under-prepared. Like getting to a restaurant and realizing they don't have lids for their cups and your one year old is a chugger. Even worse, knowing there are just certain things you'll need as a mom of young children and you are just too tired to remember everything!

So, I'm proposing the idea of a Summer Grab bag that already has most of the things we need ready to go with a few last minute add-ins for all of our adventures this summer.

I chose items we have been using and things I think we might need for our summer travels, whether it's in the car or on the beach:

Mom's Summer Grab Bag! 

Items to include:
1. Entertainment- We have light reading for the kids and me, because my husband is usually driving the car.
2. Hydration- no matter what you will always need something to drink. 
3. Play Items - These are for when we get to our destination. A few special things that will keep both kids occupied and give us a family activity to do if needed.
4. Towels! During the summer, whether your sweaty, wet or just plain dirty, a towel is always nice to have in tow.
5. Sunscreen - no explanation necessary. It's SUNNY and you always need it.
6. First Aid Kit - this includes pain relievers, antiseptic, anti-itch spray, bandaids and there's actually an extra paci in there for Ezra - you know for emergencies.
7. Snacks - a few healthy-ish snacks for the road that can be doled out in the car or at a picnic stop. 
8. Diapers, Swim Diapers, and a travel pack of wipes. I usually have a bag with these items in it for the baby, but these are the most important items not to forget! 

Your Grab Bag may look a little different than mine, but one thing you don't want to forget to add is hydration. It's going to be a long hot summer and mom needs hydration (as well as the kids). If we aren't properly hydrated the heat can take an extra toll on our bodies, ability to focus, and risk some serious consequences if we are out in the heat too long. Beat the heat. Stay Hydrated. 

You may keep a bottle of water or two in your bag, but you can easily throw in a few last minute items by making a quick stop somewhere like CVS, where they have cold coolers filled with lots of options, like vitaminwater, smartwater, and even refreshing teas!

Spend $5, get $2 in ExtraBucks in-store with your CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card.

I can't wait to see all of your summer fun this year! Tell me where you are headed this year and how you will be prepared! 

and seriously..don't forget to Drink Up. Cool Off. it only takes a minute to run in for some water. Have fun out there and wish us luck!


  1. I absolutely love this idea and I actually do something very similar. I make sure it's stocked every night and leave it by the door so I can grab it in a hurry if we run out.

  2. I have roughly the same contents as well. Plus diapers and extra clothes for all of us, just in case. But I do need to remember to pack a first aid kit. Just in case, as well. Love that tote basket tho!

    | |

  3. What a smart idea. Keeping everything in one bag makes life so much easier, especially during the grab and go summer.

  4. We have a first aid kit nearby at ALL TIMES - usually we keep it in the car. We have used it for others more than we have used it for ourselves - it is used a lot and others are so thankful we had an extra band-aid or antiseptic wipe.

  5. I am totally loving this idea. We don't have a CVS, at least not yet but what a great idea this is.

  6. Great idea! I usually have a Summer grab bag with a towel, sunscreen, chapstick, pretty much all of the essentials for a pool or a beach.

  7. I assumed every mom has a grab bag for every season. Packed and ready to go convenience.

  8. Such a good idea! I need to get something like this put together, because it is so much easier to get out the door when I am not trying to find 50 things we need to bring :-)

  9. wow, this looks so much like my bag. The only thing missing from mine are some nice mags lol.

  10. I hope you're having a great vacation. This mom's summer grab bag is perfect. I'll be need a lot of this for our vacation to Florida next week! {client}

  11. These are my kind of must-haves. I love that you incorporated Coastal Living. That's one of my favorite magazines!

  12. I don't have any kids, so my bag may look a little different than ours heheh. But I think it's so important to be prepared just in case. I think bringing a first aid kit is super smart, because you never know what may happen!

  13. This is a great summer grab bag for sure. Basically everything you need :) I love vitamin water btw. The XXX flavor is my favorite!

  14. I have a water bottle with me at all times. By the time you feel thirsty, it's too late. You are already dehydrated so having a bottle reminds me to constantly drink up.

  15. I love the bag you've put together. It's cute and practical, and I have the same first aid kit! :)

  16. I adore this! You've put together such a great variety of essentials! Smartwater is my favorite. That tote is so beautiful.

  17. I have been a huge smart water fan for years!!!! My hubby makes fun of me because I'm blonde and smart water lol... But it's great stuff!!!


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