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Another Season Down | T-Ball

Friday, July 1, 2016

A few weeks back, we celebrated another T-Ball season and a job well done for my big boy. We got to have a party with his friends and actually had a little chance to talk and play at the park with the kids from his team. We knew no-one going on but come to find out we had neighbors and a little one that went to Jonah's preschool too!

I am so proud of my little buddy and wanted to take a few photos to commemorate the event and of course we were at one of our favorite parks for the party, so I, of course took advantage! (Don't mind Jonah's shorts they are like three sizes too big so I rolled them down at the waist and they kind of look like a skirt..)

of course little brother had to get in on the party (and the pizza). He WAS there for every game after all supporting his big brother or maybe just keeping mommy very busy!

and here are a few snaps from my iPhone from the last game! Looking forward to next year... or the next sport... we'll see! 

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