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More than Education | BoxTops at Walmart

Monday, July 18, 2016

It is getting close to that time again! Time to send our little (and big) ones back to school. This year my 4 year old will be going to school five days a week. This will be a first for him and since his days are short, he'll only eat lunch at school two days a week, but he loves it when he gets to take his lunch box filled with foods he loves. 

I am a firm believer that preschool is the best place and time to lay a foundation of healthy habits for the rest of their school years. It's a time that is just as much about life skills and self care as it is about learning your letters and numbers. So, before we head back to K4, we are working a little on how to energize our bodies through food and making well-rounded choices. We are also learning about how we can help our future schools through what we buy while just shopping at Walmart.

J has been very interested in shopping and buying lately. He likes all he aspects of the grocery store and talks with me about comparing prices, shopping in the fresh sections and not over buying just because we want to get everything in the store. He knows a lot about what foods are good for his body and is pretty good about making good choices - he is actually a little help when I need to decide on flavors. 

As he chose things to pack in his lunch box, I pointed out which food group it belonged to - veggies, fruits, protein, dairy, and grains. We also made a special jar to but all of our BOX TOPS in as we put away all of the groceries. We even went through all of the boxes in the cabinets and found box tops that we had not yet cut. It was super easy to use the Box Tops Product List as we browsed the Walmart shelves and chose foods we already buy and a few others since we knew we could get 5-for-1 Box Tops for our local school! 

 Not only are we saving money by shopping at Walmart, we are earning money for our schools, and by allowing my little one to be involved in the whole process, he is getting a great start in education. We are always learning and looking for new ways to incorporate real, useful life skills.

When our grocery store lesson was complete, we had a well-rounded lunch, some new Box Tops and a happy little boy with a lunch to take to his NaNa's tomorrow! 

I could seriously eat that lunch! 

How do you plan your child's lunches, I needs more tips for a newbie? 

Do you know how easy it is to Buy, Clip, Send and Earn? Download one of the Collection Sheets to get your kiddos involved when it's time to count up how many you've clipped! This sheet can then be sent to your favorite school or a school in your community that may be suffering from funding issues and is low on supplies. You can go to the box tops website and see how much your school has earned!

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