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First Day of School!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Jonah's first day of K4 was Wednesday last week and he was so excited! It's so funny that once he gets to school, he's pretty timid and slow to warm up, but he loves being there. He loves learning. He wants to tell you about it, even though he doesn't really want you to ask him about his day or what he did. It all comes out organically and you can see the wheels turning in his little brain. He had so much fun getting ready to go to school this year. I think because he knew what to expect. The first day, I could tell he was nervous but he knew his teacher since she taught there last year and his preschool is only six classes - not including the MMO program in a different section of the building. I am so looking forward to what he will learn this year! I did a little survey with him and added his answers to his first day photo! I'm almost positive he thinks "being" something for Halloween and when he grows up is the same thing, BUT he did say he wanted to go to space when he grows up, but he says he'll have to get over being afraid to fly! Bless his sweet little heart! 

I will probably write more about it later but he had his first day of gymnastics last week also. He loved it too! As much as these boys treat my furniture like a jungle gym, I feel like he will be a natural! 

Ezra had his first day of Mother's Morning Out on Thursday! He got to visit the room on Tuesday and play with some of the toys. So, when I got there to drop him off, I think he thought I was staying...oops. He went to one of his teachers happily, then turned and realized I was leaving and wailed. He does this when we leave him for church also but the tears only last a minute and he's ready to play. I walked Jonah to his classroom, signed him in and when I walked back by Ezra's hall, I didn't hear any crying.  I know he will love it this year and he even gets to go to the play ground. Honestly though, I worry about him and his tendency to be a dare devil and a tad defiant. Last year, he was confined to a large room for the morning filled with toys and activities. I keep thinking though, that he has to learn and they are just as concerned about his safety as I am... they just don't know him like I do. I feel like the incident reports may come more often than the rare head bump this year. Just pray for him, y'all. Pray he doesn't bite anyone. Pray he doesn't climb on the tables. Pray he acts like a totally different child than he does at home! I am laughing when I type this, but its real with this kid. He is a mess! A cute mess though!

We cut his hair by the way! It kind of looks like a mess here still, but I found him some curl creme that we are trying and I'm really liking so far! 

You guys are going to have to remind me to do these favorites again at the end of the year to compare! 

Happy School Year! 

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  1. Ok, this is the cutest way to document the first day EVER. I LOVE IT! My 5 year old daughter has been saying the same thing lately about being an astronaut, she can't wait to go to Florida (I told her that was where Cape Canaveral was) so that she can go to space lol


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