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The little moments captured and recorded.

Monday, August 22, 2016

I often think and try to persuade myself that this blog, my space here, is one thing or another. I want it to be artsy but I want it to be Pinterest worthy. I want people to come for the cute and stay for the heart. I want it to be a behind the curtain look at our life as a family and most recently my life as I figure out entrepreniership. I want it to be what people are looking for and I want it to be unchangingly mine at the same time.

It's hard, you know, when you've been doing this for years but still aren't quite sure what you are doing. We say, it's the connections and friendships and comraderee that you gain from writing about your life online that makes it such an amazing and unique place to be. Unique though, that's a tough word, because as much as I may try, I feel like I am doing nothing but ordinary. I feel like these pages are often the same as everyone else's pages and that I don't have anything special to give to a growing readership. So, I go back to my original thoughts as I started writing a blog so many years ago, I LOVE to take pictures and I love to tell the stories behind the photos. Sometimes there are stories with no photos and sometimes there are photos that are just a moment in an extremely ordinary day.

Do those moments get lost on instagram? I feel like that's where I've put them and left them and forgotten that they belong here too. Some of my favorite blogs that I've read for years still have these little tidbits of stories that keep me coming back. With each story, we know the person a little more and a little more and then over time, you feel a kinship and maybe even a friendship. That can happen over any platform, but this feels like it was the most intimate but in a completely public way to get to know a mother's heart as she wrote her most beautiful intimate story and those tiny little moments that she herself did not want to forget.

At this moment, just days before my first baby starts a new journey in his tiny little life, I want to remember our sweetest conversations and his ridiculous expectations of life... because they are important too.

from our Back-to-School Art Party

As Jonah gets ready to start in the four-year-old class at his preschool and transitions to five days of school, he says to me in the car the other day, "I don't want to do anything when I grow up." I'm pretty sure he was referring to work and at 4 years old, I don't feel the need to pressure him into thinking that he needs to KNOW what he wants to BE in eighteen years, so I simply asked him how he would feed himself and where would he live? To which he responded, that he wants to live in our house of course, and he has lots of money, so he doesn't have to worry about working. This lots of money he's is referring to, is the money he asks his grandparents for (pocket change) and the few dollars I've given him for helping me with things related to the blog, like taking my photo (he's pretty good for a preschooler) and some quarters for chores. I told him, he would probably change his mind when he's older and not want to be around mommy so much, but he's welcome to stay for now. I also told him that maybe as my business grows, I can take him on as my assistant until he realizes that having mommy as a boss all the time, probably won't be his favorite thing!

That was the end of the conversation, but it got me thinking about how sooner-than-later he'll not want to be around me all the time. The sweet hugs and kisses he's very willingly giving out these days will cease and my heart will be broken. So, baby steps are good in teaching his tender little heart about how the world really works - like his realization last week that I had to PAY for the gas I was putting in the car after hearing me mutter about forgetting my wallet when we pulled up to the fuel pump. I really just have this year to savor his innocense in our little bubble. I will savor it and give him as much of my time as I can and really work on showing him how to love others and still protect his little heart!

Pray for us as we start a five day school schedule and a (hopefully) busy Fall photography season!?

I am hopeful for the sweet stories to come and I want to keep reading yours too.

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