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Healthy Snacking for the kids and mom!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I don't know about you guys but my kids are at a hard age when it comes to healthy snacking. I get so frustrated trying to find things that my carboholic-two-year-old and used-to-eat-vegetables-four-year-old will eat. Over the summer we had a lot of fun making our own treats and looking for snacks that would not only help us stay on the healthy track but also meet our needs. What's better in the hot and sweaty south than a frozen treat? A frozen treat for a toddler cutting teeth. 

So, I wanted to share with your one of our favorite snacks we discovered this year and hopefully inspire you to get creative with your after school treats since for us anyway we still need something to cool us off in the afternoon! 

My biggest tip for feeding this healthy snack to your toddler and preschooler is to do it outside! There's nothing better than a cool treat and a little added Vitamin D to pick up your afternoon and make it a little brighter. With Jonah, I used to shy away from messy treats but I have really discovered watching Ezra enjoy a messy treats outweighs the actual mess every time!

We are happy to keep Outshine Fruit Bars and Outshine Yogurt Bars in our freezer all year long because they are made with real fruit and juice and 100% actual yogurt. You can taste the difference. The Strawberry Fruit Bars (one of our favorites) tastes so bright and delicious. You can see Ezra stole mine! I don't recommend swapping spit with your two year old but you know #momlife. 

You can look up where to find these little pieces of deliciousness (I mean healthy snacks) here: and you can find so many great ideas for unique ways to serve Outshine in a unique recipe by following Outshine's Instagram feed! There is so much inspiration there! 

Oh and then there's this..

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