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Fall Fun at Country Pumpkins | Mississippi Travel

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I guess this is my obligatory Pumpkin Patch posts for the year, but actually this was actually Ezra's first pumpkin patch experience. Doing all the quintessential seasonal activities when Jonah was a baby and toddler were a priority, but this poor second kid has missed this experience for the past two years, I couldn't let October pass him by this year! 

The truth is he was too tiny the year he was born to go bouncing around on a hayride and last year... October was the month of the unspeakable plague... hand foot mouth. I'm still traumatized from that experience. Some pictures I took of their sores came up in my time hop recently and I felt a sense of dread just looking at the photos and recalled how we slowly one by one all went down at the hands of that vile virus. This year, I went with Jonah's school to the local pumpkin patch where you have to ride all around the farm to get to the pumpkins and it was early october and sunny! I went back and forth whether or not to take Ezra and ultimately decided I'd rather just focus on having a good time with Jonah rather than chasing the wild child and constantly making him sit down or have to carry all 27 pounds of him in the heat. I think my decision was wise, plus he got to spend some time with Aunt Lacey one-on-one and that was a treat for both of them I think. 

So, that made our experience at Country Pumpkins in Caledonia extra special. We spent the weekend in Starkville with family and got to do a little bit of on campus fun for Mississippi State's homecoming and then we headed to Caledonia for some more fall fun! We waited until late afternoon, hoping it would cool down and honestly, I wanted some pretty photos of the boys and the light did not disappoint! I wish I would have gotten a sunset shot of the farm house with the big round orange sunset in the background as we were leaving, but we were filthy and exhausted. I think you can tell though from the photos I did get, that it was a beautiful evening (dusty but beautiful). 

Country Pumpkins is free just to go and a lot of the things for the littlest ones are free too. The kids opted out of the barrel train and hayride, so we decided the corn maze for all of us would be fun. This was my first experience in a corn maze and Wesley and Jonah were determined to find all the numbers. I don't know if they do this in all corn mazes, but they have 10 posts with number tags (random numbers) that you are suppose to write down. If you find all ten, you would get your card put into a drawing for a gift certificate. We found all but one number. I'm pretty sure we spent an hour walking around that maze. It was actually great for Jonah, he was so committed to it. It was a lot of walking though. I spent most of my time chasing Ezra. He was determined, as you will see in the photos to have his own pencil and card to write down numbers. It was so cute, but as you may surmise a two year old with his determination running around a corn maze with a sharpened pencil can get a little exhausting. So, he and I fought a little.... he won.. mostly. 

We gathered a little dry corn, bounced in soft cotton, slid down farm equipment turned playground, dug for treasures, slingshot pumpkins, and swung to our hearts content. 

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