The Wilde Olive Blog: The Holiday Catch Up Post | Part One


The Holiday Catch Up Post | Part One

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Since I haven't even said it here, Happy New Year Everyone! I hope your holiday was amazing and I wish for so many good things for 2017. Although no one has missed me, I'm sure, I feel like I have been MIA for about 2 weeks. I wanted to recap the holidays sooner than January 5th, but we had one holiday celebration after another and it just hasn't happened with the boys home 24/7 and this cold I have been fighting for the past 5 days or so. Even though we've made some shopping trips and we had daddy home from work for three straight days, I still feel like we are cooped up. It's been dreary and I feel like this post his getting depressing. ACK! It's supposed to be about the Holidays, not this post-holiday funk! So, here's part one of this massive photo dump to show you our how we celebrated Christmas! 

These were actually taken the week before Christmas, as our little kitchen nook was taken over with all things crafty. The kids had their little tree with fun keepsake ornaments and all handmade goodies!

Jonah and Ezra both have first christmas hallmark ornaments for the little tree and the big tree! I absolutely love pulling these out every year! I'm so sentimental. 

The boys made Salt Dough ornaments over Thanksgiving at NaNa's with the cousins and they turned out so well! My two little stars of the top of the tree are just perfect! 

Jonah has sharing day with his class at school and he wrote all of his friends names on the cards and stuffed the little dinosaurs and stickers into every box. We scoured the Dollar Tree for the perfect gift and something to make it look nice for his friends and wound up with tiny animals and dinosaurs that are commonly considered prized possessions around here.
On sharing day, the children are encouraged to keep their gifts under $1 and are encouraged to bring homemade gifts or earn the money to buy the gifts. Well, Jonah earned his by making each gift look perfect and personal. I was lacking in time to homemade, so hopefully, his friends loved what they got! They turned out really cute and with wrapping and all, it was under 45 cents a gift! 

 and then before we knew it, all the parties were over and Christmas was here!

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