The Wilde Olive Blog: 2017 Valentine's Recap + Video


2017 Valentine's Recap + Video

Thursday, February 16, 2017

It is really fun to make Valentine's Day all about the kiddos! I did make a little homemade gift for my husband and we exchanged cards, but honestly showing the kiddos a day that is all about love, just makes me happy. I get to be super cheesy and put red and pink hearts everywhere!  Here are a few photos from the day and day after because Ezra came home sleeping on Valentine's night. 

We had blueberry pancakes with heart-shaped strawberries and powdered sugar for breakfast! 

The boys wore their Heart Breaker shirts made by their MeMe to school for their parties. 
They got to exchange gifts with their friends and I got to attend Jonah's party with him. Preschool parties are amazing.. loud and messy but so much fun! 

On Wednesday morning, Ezra got to open his card and happy from Mommy and Daddy. Then after we got Jonah from school, I asked them to let me take a photo of them with their happies. I hadn't realized that Jonah had a Robot themed Valentines. His shirt, if you saw the previous post, his pen and his card. All bought at different times. I guess I have a thing for robots! Anyway, he asked me to video it because the cards talk and sing, so you will see that I did below but I add the photos and published it on our little YouTube channel as a keepsake. I have been videoing some, but never do anything with the videos. I thought I'd try to start being better! I hope you enjoy it, but I really hope it's something that we can all look back on and love! 

I hope you felt loved this week by someone. Happy Love Day! 

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