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Let's Go See | Audubon Zoo | New Orleans, Louisiana

Friday, March 24, 2017

 Our second stop on our Spring Break trip last week was The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans! We have been wanting to visit a larger zoo for a long while. Jonah is very interested in animals and actually knows a lot about them. He knows more than me about most and enjoys reading about and learning about different species. He knows the names of birds and insects and rarely forgets a detail. Our original plan was to visit the Memphis Zoo but the weather turned really cool, so we decided to head south instead of north! Hopefully, we will get to Memphis in the next few months. When Wesley and I lived there, we were members of the Zoo and really loved to spend time walking around and become familiar with all the animals and I, of course, practiced my photography skills. This trip was definitely different than those old days of zoo wandering before kids. I also noticed that my favorite lens seemed to be malfunctioning while we were there and I only brought one inside. So, you'll see a lot of photos of the boys because everything I tried to take at a distance was blurry. So so sad, but it is what is and we did try to make the best of it and I took as many photos as I could of the kids because really that's why we were there!

We tried to see and do everything we could while we were there! I had not been since I was a kid and while there is some construction going on, the enclosures are mostly large and clean and it was a good over all experience. I was thankful for our stroller, but we could have ridden the train a little more if we didn't have it. So, that's something to consider. You can park your stroller BUT this stroller is very precious to me and I just didn't want to, so towards the end of the day, we took the stroller to the car and rode the train all the way around the zoo as our last hoorah before heading home!

You know the carousal is always a highlight and my favorite place to take photos. Ezra didn't want to ride until Jonah and I were already going and then he changed his mind. 

The train takes you on a little back stage tour where you get to see a few birds and a little garden area you wouldn't see otherwise. Ezra LOVED the train. I think that was the highlight of his day, although he says he loved the monkeys the most! Speaking of favorite parts, Jonah said he liked the big animals the most, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, BUT he spent the most time in the aviary. He did not want to leave. He really wanted to touch this duck...

I mean she was a pretty cool duck and it was neat to be so up close and personal with all of those birds.

We spent a lot of time just playing around. It was pretty crowded so we took it pretty slow.

There are lots of places to play there. A couple of different areas with slides and playgrounds that we, of course, had to check out.

Jonah was at the height where the railing was right in his sight level at almost every enclosure! They constantly wanted to climb and there are a couple with water just below. I was definitely cautious and watched carefully, since they aren't really familiar with this type of situation.

I really regretted not bringing Ezra's backpack with the tether.... because... see every photo above of him. lol We made it through and he had a wonderful time! They both did!

Now I'm super excited to discover new places with these boys this Spring! 

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