The Wilde Olive Blog: Marbled Egg Garland Craft | Shaving Cream Paint Tutorial + Video!


Marbled Egg Garland Craft | Shaving Cream Paint Tutorial + Video!

Monday, April 3, 2017

I have been dying to do some Easter/Spring crafts and it just seems like we don't have enough time these days to actually do them. The kids LOVE crafts and painting, so I decided to enlist the whole family for a weekend craft that would also get us outside before the rain set in for the first part of the week! Outside crafting + water hose clean up + easy on-the-go snacks = my kind of very-little-clean-up crafting afternoon!

 I first saw this craft idea on my friend Sarah's blogthen I discovered there's a whole world of marbled paint crafts out there! I decided to put my own spin on it and make this Marbled Egg Garland for Spring and Easter! There are also some AMAZING ideas on Goldfish's Pinterest page that I'm so excited to try! 

Marbled Egg Garland Craft Tutorial

Supply List: 

  • Shaving Cream
  • Craft Paint
  • Paper/Card stock and printer
  • Scissors
  • Container
  • String and tape for garland
  • Snacks of course 


Step 1. Print the Egg Garland Template here and cut out your eggs! 

If you are feeling like adding a few other activities to your crafting afternoon, print this Cross for a Marbled Painted Cross and these coloring sheets for while you are refreshing the "paint" and letting everything dry. You can also check out these awesome videos while munching on your favorite snack

Marbled Egg Craft
Marbled Egg Craft

Step 2. Fill a pan or shallow container with white basic ($1) shaving cream, add drops of paint (pick your own colors), and swirl slightly with a tooth pick or cotton swab. 

Step 3. Press your egg or other shape gently into the shaving cream, making sure each part gets covered. 
Marbled Egg Craft
Marbled Egg Craft
Marbled Egg Craft
Marbled Egg Craft

Make sure mom and dad get in on this craft because it's REALLY cool! 

Step 4. Gently pull your egg from the shaving cream and lay on a flat surface to dry. Since these take a while to dry, we took some extra pans outside, so we could lay them flat then transfer indoors for drying overnight and to avoid any rain or dampness preventing them from drying outdoors. 

Marbled Egg Craft

Step 5. Let shaving cream paint dry, wash the shaving cream and paint off. Then take a snack and coloring break while you wait! 

Marbled Egg Craft
Marbled Egg Craft

Step 6. String on bakers twine or any old string you have around the house. I hung ours in the window so they would catch the sun shining through! 
Marbled Egg Craft

And finally, we did an awesome Easter craft and got the whole family involved! I see more shaving cream paint crafts in our future because that was really super simple and inexpensive! 

Thank you to Goldfish for inspiring us to get crafty! They are one of our most favorite snacks and so convenient to take with us for inpromptu outdoor crafts or on-the-go! Have you seen the incredible videos on their YouTube Channel? There are so many amazing crafts on their Playtime board and you'll even find one of our crafts from the holidays on their Getting Crafty board

Happy crafting and snacking! 

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