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Boys Style | RAGS

Monday, May 22, 2017

It's been a while since I've done any kind of style related posts and I'm kicking myself because I have so many amazing photos of the boys in some of my favorite outfits. I have got to step my blogging game up! Someone hold me accountable! 


Anway one of my favorite brands for Ezra since he was just toddling has been Rags to Raches. I have slowed down on buying the newer styles, but if you scroll back to last summer and Fall on instagram, ALL I see Ezra in are rompers! They are just so cute and comfy. I am worried about potty training while wearing rompers but we'll see how that goes before I stop buying the altogether!


This one was a surprise that I wasn't planning on buying, but it wasn't a sell out like some! I was even able to get some photos of him in it the first time he wore it. It is love! These colors are my favorite and this boy makes me smile! 


Shoes: Salt Water Sun-San Surfer (affiliate) 


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