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Easy Framed Flag Decor DIY

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When beginning to update our summer mantel decor and add a patriotic flair, I decided I needed an easy DIY project for the centerpiece. So, I decided to repurpose one of the fabric flags from a 12 pack and add it to this barnwood frame. It's rustic and simple but still makes an impact! 

Everything I used for this DIY Framed Flag Craft was repurosed and already something I had around the house, so the cost was VERY minimal!

Here's what you'll need: 

  • A frame (at least 8x10). 
  • Some scrap fabric or burlap. 
  • A piece of paper (I used cardstock to add more stiffness).
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • A small fabric flag.

Step 1. Using your frame opening, cut your fabric a bit larger than the opening. Also for a smaller frame, cut you paper or cardstock so that it will also fit inside the frame. 

Step 2. Glue the fabric to your paper to add some sturdiness and keep the fabric from wrinkling in the frame. Press fabric firmly with a cloth or additional paper to smooth out any wrinkles, as the glue will be hot and (trust me) it will burn you!

Step 3. Carefully remove the flag from it's stick.

Step 4. Center the flag on your fabric and glue it down.

Step 5. Add it to your frame! Since we cut  a little extra fabric, you can move it a little to make sure the flag is centered and trim off any edges that overlap.

And now you have a rustic patriotic centerpiece for your mantel or to hang if you'd like!

This project is SO simple, I was worried it might not even need it's own post but I had to share because I love how it turned out for a Independence Day Decor with a little farmhouse flair! You can change it up so easily though to give it a modern look with your choice of fabric and frame! Happy crafting! 

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