The Wilde Olive Blog: Creating Back-To-School Smiles with a Bucket List!


Creating Back-To-School Smiles with a Bucket List!

Monday, July 24, 2017

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We have a really exciting year coming up. Jonah is starting kindergarten and everything is changing really fast. Back-to-School season is already upon us and I just want to hold on to summer just a little longer. I want to hold on to my preschooler just a little longer. When looking over our to-do list, I get a little overwhelmed and I don't want HIM to feel overwhelmed. I just want him to feel excited!

So, with a little inspiration from our favorite snack, Goldfish®, I came up with a way to ensure we get big smiles in this back-to-school season. Over a little snack and chat, we came up with a Back-to-School Bucket List to compete with our To-Do List! I told Jonah that for every item we marked off on our to-do list for back-to-school, we could mark off an item on our Bucket List. First, though, HE got to come up with the bucket list himself!

We spent the morning brainstorming, snacking and adding things to the list! The first thing that popped into his mind is going swimming. We've been swimming some this summer but this kid has been BEGGING for a little pool for our backyard. I mean he's only asking for a kiddie pool. I can handle this I'm sure!

Some of the other things that made it on the list were a movie night, a snuggle night, make puppets and have a puppet show, and have some more cousin time! He has so much fun with his cousins and with school starting, we won't get to see them as often, so that's at the top of my list to make happen!

I hope our bucket list inspires you to make your own! (You can DOWNLOAD OURS HERE.) It doesn't matter if your to-do list is longer or if you don't get to do everything before school officially starts, it just matters that you are experiencing these fleeting moments. Capturing the time you have before the hustle and bustle just passes you right by. I have lots to do before school is officially a part of our daily lives, but I want to make sure that I see my kids smile and enjoy their day, every day!

Today we got a jump start on our Bucket List by making popsicles! We didn't need anything special, just a few ingredients we already had in the fridge and we got to CHECK one thing already off our list!

We are pretty good at doing the fun stuff, now I wonder how long it will take us to make that to-do list happen...

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