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Easy Sushi Family Date Night #servewithacoke

Thursday, July 13, 2017

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Today, I have a fresh idea for you guys! I'm excited and I have to tell you a little story first .... it may be only entertaining to me but hopefully you won't suffer through it too much. This partnership with Coca-Cola and Kroger had a lot of coincidences that made it a perfect partnership for us. Full disclosure, I try really hard only to apply for sponsored content that really is a part of our lives already or something that could benefit us and I've been wanting to try. So, when I saw this opportunity, I felt like we'd been spied on. Truly, at least once a month I get a fierce craving for sushi and we don't have a plethora of sushi restaurants around and honestly we don't take the kids out to dinner that much. It's just inconvenient and it doesn't really feel like a date night or much fun at most restaurants. I know that will change as they get older, but right now it's just a lot. I could name one kid in particular who makes it not worth it, but we'll let him remain nameless for this post. 

Anyway, when it's almost 5 o'clock and I have nothing planned for dinner because I've been working all day or out doing something with/for the kids, my husband and I have the what are we going to do for dinner conversation. One of the things I like to suggest is him running by Kroger on his way home, picking up a few things we need and grabbing fresh sushi and a few cold drinks to have a ready-to-eat dinner by the time he gets here. 

So, when that's exactly what was suggested, I felt like our phones had been tapped. This night though, we made it a little extra special. 

Jonah and I went to Kroger to pick out everything we needed for a family date night. I was going to let him choose whatever he wanted to go with daddy's and my sushi bar meal, but he picked something from the sushi bar too.

First, We went to Kroger and made our way around the fresh section, picking up a little bouquet of $6 carnations. Second, we browsed and chose something delicious from the sushi bar and then swung by the drink aisle for a 1-liter smartwater and lastly, made our way to the register where I leaned past a line of customers to pick up a Diet Coke®

I got back to the self-check and looked down at my coke and Y'ALL coincidentally it totally had my name on it! I didn't even look at them in the case, just leaned in and grabbed the first one I could reach not even looking. I thought that was a cute little coincidence to top off our fun trip! 

Afterward, we came home and set up our little family date night! I could have easily fed the kids sandwiches and saved the "date night" just for Wesley and me, but Jonah enjoyed being part of this fun and easy "special" dinner. I poured our smartwater into real glasses and we practiced our chopstick skills. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my cold Diet Coke and Wesley and I enjoyed the sushi dinner. We got to sample and share and I just love that experience over dinner conversation. It was really good and always is. It's inexpensive, fresh, and easy. What else do you need for a simple date night with the family after a busy day? 

What are you planning for your next family date night? 

Kroger shoppers can pick-up an In-Store Coupon to Save $1 when you purchase sushi and smartwater 1L or Diet Coke 20oz while supplies last. 


  1. How fun!!! It all looks amazing and I *love* that you picked up the Diet Coke with your name on it--how fun is that?! ~ Client

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