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Let's Go See | Grand Teton National Park

Sunday, July 9, 2017

For some reason, it's taking me forever to get these posts written. So many photos and I just want to share everything! We didn't spend a lot of time in Grand Teton, but our second day of the trip, when it was just our little family of four we got to take in these beautiful mountains as we slowly made our way through Grand Teton to Yellowstone and up to Montana for the night. 

I don't know exactly how to explain how in awe I was when these GRAND mountains came into view. I don't know if it was because we flew in at night and I KNEW they were there but could just barely make out the snow peaks or if they really are more beautiful than any mountains I've ever seen. My photos will never do their awesomeness justice, but I just remember being struck by how beautiful it was. God's creation and just so different than anywhere else I've been in the US. I continued to feel that way throughout our trip but the first sight of the Tetons was magical!

Before we even officially entered the National Park, we stopped at the first visitor center and explored a little on the grounds. The boys got to run a little and we enjoyed the wildflower. It was REALLY bright and sunny as you might tell by the squinting and closed eyes in many of these photos. This was June 4th and the day started out pretty cool but it was starting to warm up midmorning. 

We wound up stopping for a late lunch at Jackson Lake Lodge, but not before pulling off at several pullouts to take in the sights. 

This is probably one of my favorite captures of the trip! Breathtakingly beautiful Jackson Lake and the Grand Tetons. 

After a little lunch, we decided to drive on and try to make up some time and get to our nightly destination, BUT then we had made our way up into the mountains for the first time and there was snow on the ground. I cannot tell y'all how long Jonah had waited to see snow UP CLOSE and personal. To people who live in snowy climates, this may seem ridiculous for a summer trip, but the boy has wanted to see a little more than the flurries we get here in the south. So just as nap time was approaching, we had to stop for snow! 

Now I know this isn't the fresh fluffy stuff that he would really enjoy and a lot of it is what was plowed out of the road so that the parks could open the summer roads, but you couldn't have had a happier boy... except he was really cold in his poor little sandals. It had gotten up close to 80 degrees but once we went up, of course, it was cooler but not cool enough to change clothes! 

After moving on from the snow, we made our way into Yellowstone but not before seeing some of out first wildlife! Little did we know how well we would get to know these Bison over the next week.  The life of these big guys seems pretty good. I'm sure they are threatened by wolves and such, but they just rule the parks. You are in their territory and they know it. I have lots of fun Bison photos to come!

The sixth day of our trip, I'll document a little later, but since we are talking about Grand Teton, we drove back through on our way back to Jackson and it was a whole different sight. It was evening, cold, rainy and still beautifully breathtaking!

There are a couple of old chapels in Grand Teton where they do regular mass and we ran in this one but couldn't find the lights, so we just admired the stained glass from the outside and it's beautiful grounds. 

It didn't even feel like we were in the same mountains, just a little closer. Jonah kept saying "I wish I was up there where it's snowing." To live this trip through the eyes of my boys was the biggest blessing of all. Jonah dreamt of going to the highest heights and Ezra searched for baby dinosaurs amongst the trees. 

I can't wait to show you more! 

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