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Thursday, August 10, 2017

I have been eyeing Mac & Mia for a while and always wanted to try when I saw the cute facebook ads! Mostly because I have loved having clothing sent to my door for myself (you can see some of my Stitch Fix Reviews hereAND because taking a 5-year-old to the store to try on clothes is pretty terrible. I can guess on things like shirts and jackets, but shorts and pants are totally trial and error for my tall, skinny boy. He can wear a size 4t in most shorts, but when it comes to long pants we have to go wherever you can find the slimmest pair in whatever size will reach his ankles. Thankfully, we have a slim waisted older cousin who passes down such pants, but still being able to try on a few things over the course of five days at home instead of 25 things over the course of 20 never-ending minutes because that's all he can handle at a time in the mall dressing room is waaay more convenient for my sanity and our relationship. So, as we try out Mac & Mia for nice school clothing I wanted to share my experience with you all. 

Another thing is sending it back is just so dang easy, plus you get a $20 credit (your stying fee) when you buy two items in the box. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Also, note how flipping cute this packaging is! The stylist you are assigned gets in touch with you personally to make sure you are getting what you want/need in your box. We requested some transitional back to school items that are still comfortable for play. I will go ahead and say that our first experience was a success and we kept over half of the items in our first box. Now, let's see what we got! 

Following is a breakdown of the cost of each item and the note from our stylist. You can see that these items are boutique items and have a mid-range price point. You can specify a price range while filling out your information. I also want to mention that while I don't spend $30+ dollars on every clothing item my 5-year-old owns, it is nice for him to have some solid pieces that he loves, are comfortable, and will last him. I do expect these pieces to hold up well in the wash and for him to take care of them. I do also want them to be breathable and for him to be able to freely play in comfort.

You can see that our stylist took our needs into consideration when choosing the pieces she would send. I also really love the nice touch of an accessory and we did keep the sunglasses!

This first outfit was a hit. I told her his favorite color was red but that I love him in blue. He decided that this would be his first day of school outfit and I agreed!

I really loved these shorts. They are a heavy knit but have pockets and buttons to make them look nice even with a shirt tucked in. They have an adjustable waist and a drawstring. As you can see all of our shorts were a 4t and these will last him through next summer hopefully.

We were also able to mix and match some pieces and he LOVES this lightweight long sleeve. It was a great transitional piece that can be worn with shorts or pants.

I think Miki Miette might be his new favorite brand because he didn't take this second mix and match off until the next morning!

These last few pieces were our send backs. The nicest pair of shorts were just way too big even with the waist cinched in as far as we could get it. The waves shirt he loved but it was mistagged and was a 4t, so ultimately too short in the sleeves as well as the length. It was also not my favorite print. 

Then we also decided to send back this Football shirt, mostly because it seemed similar to the other long sleeve shirt and we just aren't quite ready yet for long sleeves, but also because we are Saturday football people. lol The style though is SO him!

Overall, I was really pleased with our stylist and how she listened and paid attention to what we needed and I was impressed with the quality of the clothing! Quality, comfort, and cuteness are my priority. Getting to try on and easily return is the best because kids really do make the clothes look good and putting an outfit on them can change your mind so quickly. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing our experience! If I get a good response, we may do this again soon as we ease our way closer to Fall.

If you'd like to try Mac & Mia, please use my referral code and get a $20 credit on your first order! You get $20, I get $20 it's a win/win! 

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