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Friday, August 11, 2017

I haven't written many update type posts in the last year or so, other than just recaps of seasons in our lives, but since we have hit such a HUGE (as Ezra would say - not in Mr. President's voice) milestone, I guess I better get to updating! I mean I can't even finish our summer posts and here it is August with school starting. Why can I never catch up? This has nothing to do with this post, I'm just rambling because it's what I do.. anyway...


Jonah started Kindergarten this week! Life, as we know it, has changed forever! I know that I'm being dramatic and I have been pretty dramatic in real life this week, I apologize, friends, family please forgive me. This first child going to kindergarten thing feels like a huge deal. We were so happy at our tiny preschool with our people we've been with for four years since starting MMO. We have been in the same small little bubble since before Ezra was even a consideration. Now, this unknown of big public school is scary. Having a child that is timid and knowing all too well what that feels like makes it a scary place for a first timer. If I'm being really honest, my vision of public school has not been a great one in my adult years. I went to public school and it was amazing. I had so many opportunities to thrive. I even cried at my graduation because I did not want it to be over. 

However, working in a very needy area alongside a public school system may have given me a skewed expectation of what school would look like for my child when the time came. It's really not even fair to compare the two, but I will tell you that I have considered every possibility and will still consider as we go through the year. With all of that said, I have so far been so grateful that we moved to where we did and that we get the chance to be in the school system we are in. We went on Monday, the day before the first day of school to meet Jonah's teacher (ah my anxiety!) but turns out we'd already met her and we knew at least three other kids/parents in his class.  I cannot explain how grateful I am for this! I am thankful that she knew he was coming to her class before the day we walked in. I am thankful that I got to spend time with her son in T-Ball this past Spring and saw what a great boy she is raising. What a great connection baseball has given us to the community. Jonah has been really excited to see his preschool/church friends as well. I am so happy that makes him feel more at "home."


Now, this leaving the house before 7 AM business is hard. It's an adjustment and I guess one that I'm just going to have to get used to for the next FIFTEEN YEARS! Well, I guess when Jonah starts driving in 10 YEARS there will be a little relief. Ten years folks. Homeschool is still on the table... just sayin. 

I really am so excited to see what this year brings and how my big boy will grow and change. I mean six years old is just around the corner. It's heartbreaking but so so beautiful at the same time! 



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