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Friday Favorites | Boys' Room Makeover Inspiration

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Happy Friday friends! Today, I want to share some inspiration for boy moms looking for cute, functional design for their boys aging out of the "nursery" stage. We are slowly starting the process of making over the boys' room. It's going to be a bit of a process because there are a lot of decisions to be made and A LOT of reorganizing to be done!

Here are some items I've collected and some things I am hoping to get for the boys' new room! More on this later, but don't you just love an inspo board?!

We have a three bedroom house, but I've always had the boys share and left the other bedroom as a playroom (messroom) and a semi-guestroom for when we have out of town guests spend the night. There's just a twin bed but it isn't typical that we have more than 1-2 guest at a time. My plan, right now, is to continue to have the boys share but to possibly switch the two rooms around, making the bedroom in to the playroom and the playroom into their shared bedroom. The main reason for this is the layout of the rooms. The playroom has a long solid wall, whereas their bedroom does not due to the placement of the closet, window and door.

You can see their current room here, but it looks quite different since they've grown into it so much over the past almost three years. Jonah has a twin bed and the toddler bed is where Ezra's crib was. We also removed the rocker due to the size of Jonah's bed (which you can kind of see here and here and Ezra's toddler bed here).

This may seem crazy but ever since we found out Ezra was a boy, I have been dreaming of the day they could have matching beds, side by side, with a cute dresser or table in the middle, like straight out of a catalog. I originally dreamed of Jinny Lind beds in black, but recently realized that those wouldn't have the longevity I really need and the price tag is seriously up there when you are looking at buying two! So, I came across black/bronze metal beds for a good deal and decided to snatch them up! I'm hoping the quality is good and that they will take them into their teen years or at least middle school even if they do get their own rooms at some point before then. We shall see how this goes!

Since I'm finally taking my dreams into reality, I thought I'd share five of my favorite rooms that have been inspiring me along the way!

1. Star Wars Bedroom from Lay Baby Lay
This room is my number 1 inspiration for the boy's room makeover. I love all of the derails and the wal color and vibe already feels kind of like our house now. I don't plan on following the Star Wars theme but I just love how it's a subtle theme carried throughout the room. 

2. Heber Project Bedroom from Becki Owens
I love how earthy and modern this room is. It just screams adventure.

3. Art Gallry Amazingness!
I love this design and the use of the art to make a huge impact. I'm also in LOVE with the beds (these are what I originally wanted), the ticking stripe quilts and that TRUNK!

4. End of the bed storage heaven!
This room feels very much like vaction cabin, but the main things I love about are the neutral plaids of course and those trunks! Someone find them for me!

5. Matsumotos Boy Room from Fixer Upper Season 4
This room is just a dream. It's so adventurous and I love the color pallette. I'd love to do some type of bunk beds with my boys, but if you've met them, you'd agree... probably not a great idea! Still though, there's a lot of inspiration here with the warm wood and the cool blue hues.

I hope you found as much inspiration in this post as I have! For more inspiring Kid's room ideas, follow my Kid's Room board on pinterest where I have been saving all kinds of inspiration for this upcoming project!

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