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Valentine's Day Love!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mississippi, USA
It feels weird to just pop back in this space after only sporadically posting over the past year, but here goes nothing. Right?

Blogging has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and yet it still feels like something I want to do. It's strange but writing and photography feel like they go hand in hand in this space and I crave space for that kind of creativity when I'm not here. So, we will see how this goes. I'm contemplating a name change and a new content focus which will probably look a little less like this everyday photo kind of post and more of what fuels my fire with planned content moving forward. I truly believe that we all have a unique perspective and voice and if we are driven to share that perspective, we should. I have been encouraged by blogging and non-blogging friends to jump back in so here goes! We'll call this a soft relaunch. I hope you all will be here with me!

For now, let's share a little Valentine's love!

I've missed blogging a lot during the holidays. I love any reason to celebrate and decorate! I was a little last minute this year on Valentine's for the kids and came across these amazing cards on Amazon that worked out perfectly!

Amazon Prime Handmade Valentines
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After checking these guys off our list, I went a little crazy at Dollar Tree getting the boys the cutest balloons and snacks in the cutest bags! We went by Vintiques, where we rent a space for Wilde Olive, and picked up the sweetest heart dishes from a fellow vendor for the boy's teachers.

Their parties were fun and we had a great time celebrating at home and with cousins too! I'm purposefully trying to spend time talking with and playing with my boys this month. I want to really show them that I love them... because in this season they are my purpose.

I hope you guys had some love in your life this Valentine's Day and really it isn't about the day. We ALL know that. I told the boys and I truly believe that Valentine's Day serves as a reminder that we should be showing love, God's love, to our friends, family, and strangers throughout the year. Handwritten notes, a simple thank you, a shared lunch or just a call or text to say "you are loved and appreciated" is something we all (me especially) need to do more!

Happy Love Day, Y'all!

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